Army Forces Command looking for cyber and EW support

The command is seeking support from industry for improving its cyber and electronic warfare operations.

Cyber operations are becoming more important as the networked nature of warfare today connects soldiers and platforms around the world. And they continue to be formalized into military operations, although military officials are careful not to speak of cyber in isolation, but rather as a coordinated, cross-domain solution transiting air, sea, land and space. 

The Army has worked to integrate cyber capabilities with its tactical forces. In an exercise last March in California, various Army units, including the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade, an Army Cyber Protection Brigade and the 7th Signal Command gamed how to better develop, understand and employ cyber operations into tactical formations.

Additionally, the line between electronic warfare and cyber operations has begun to blur to some degree.  The Army and the Defense Department overall have  placed greater importance on developing EW capabilities in the face of Russia’s proficient demonstration of skills in this area.

DOD now wants contractor assistance to support Army Forces Command – which provides active and reserve component units to combatant commanders – with electromagnetic activities. The G-39 CEMA Division of FORSCOM has two separate and overlapping lines of effort, a solicitation notice stated: cyberspace operations and EW operations, supported by spectrum management operations. 

The division also assists the deputy chiefs of staff in evaluation policies and directives, capabilities and influence, as well as leads a working group to identify equities associated with doctrine, organization and training that will impact operational requirements.

The notice establishes requirements for potential contractor support to FORSCOM staff in performing its stated mission and continuing evaluation of polices and directives. As such, the plan is divided into five tasks that include cyberspace operations, EW operations, spectrum management operations, information operations, space operations and support to the working group.