Watch the Defense One 2014 Summit Here

Did you miss last week's Defense One Summit? Don't worry, you can watch it all right here.

Did you see? Now you can watch all of the Defense One Summit sessions in these videos below, or access the entire Youtube playlist of the event right here .

Session 1: The Potential and Peril of the Future Robot Army

A discussion on the advantages, pitfalls and ethical implications of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence in modern warfare.

  • Speakers :
    - Ramez Naam , Computer Scientist, Author and Futurist, Singularity University
    - Michael Horowitz , Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
  • Moderator: Patrick Tucker , Technology Editor, Defense One

Session 2: CEO Breakfast:

Defense Industry CEO's talk about how defense businesses are evolving for the new era of national security.

  • Speakers :
    - William "Bill" Lynn III , CEO, Finmeccanica North America and DRS Technologies, Inc.
    - Ellen Lord , President and CEO, Textron Systems
  • Moderator : Marcus Weisgerber , Global Business Reporter, Defense One

The Future of the U.S. Navy

Rethinking the Navy's priorities—and its people—for the age of terrorism and global conflict.

  • Speaker : Vice Adm. William Moran, Chief of Naval Personnel
  • Moderator : Stephanie Gaskell , Deputy Editor, Defense One

Rethinking the Army of the Future

How Russia, ISIS and money changes the U.S. defense budget, force structure and role of conventional ground forces.

War Powers in the Age of Terrorism

On the Purpose of the Military

A conversation with the chairman about Iraq, today's conflict and how the U.S. military should be used to meet America's national security commitments.

Conflict, Military Intervention and International Institutions

Speaker: Samantha Power , U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Moderator : Gayle Tzemach Lemmon , Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations and Author of The Dressmaker of Khair Khana

Keeping America Safe

A discussion on intelligence, cyber spying and counterterrorism.

  • Speaker : Michael Vickers , Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence
  • Moderator : Gordon Lubold , Senior Military Reporter/Editor, Defense One

Cyberwarfare Defense

A discussion on the future of military robotics, defending the Internet of Things from cyberwar and looking beyond the electronics horizon for modern warfare.

  • Speaker: Arati Prabhakar , Director, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency
  • Moderator: Patrick Tucker , Technology Editor, Defense One

The Offset Strategy

Robert Work, deputy secretary of defense, discusses how the U.S. will retain its technological edge in the coming decades.