Ep. 16: Hypersonic missiles; Black Hat/Defcon 2018; Q&A w/ Chris Lynch of Defense Digital Services.

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This week on the program:

  • (1:21) The Pentagon is a little bit closer to getting its hands on a super fast rocket called a hypersonic missile.
  • Ahead of schedule, Congress passed and the president signed the annual defense policy bill. But (6:27) President Trump had more than a few things to say about what he signed, and what he won’t do that he’s been asked to do.
  • Then (13:25) we’ll get into what’s new from the world of hackers at this year’s Black Hat / DefCon. Our own Patrick Tucker has returned from Sin City to tell us all about what happened in Vegas.
  • He also spoke with the director of the Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service, Chris Lynch (27:25). And we’ll break down that interview to end this week's episode.

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