France Pushes Collective European Air Defense

Emmanuel Macron offers to host a conference to meet Russia’s post-INF threat.

China’s Balloon May Have Taught the US More Than Beijing Learned From It, General Says

Still, NORAD’s chief says the U.S. military took “precautions,” including “non-kinetic effects.”

Key Republicans Launch Two-Part Plan to Pressure Biden on Ukraine

National security committee leaders in Congress are waging a public campaign to signal they support sending more advanced weapons to Ukraine–and faster than Biden is allowing.

We Don't Have the Missiles to Stop China. Time For Drone Swarms

Despite all the calls to boost production, the U.S. military will be short of key missiles for at least two years. It needs ways to win with what it has now.

Test Flight Brings Hypersonic Program to Successful Close, DARPA Says

The HAWC effort has produced two “feasible hypersonic airbreathing missile designs.”

Navy Secretary Warns: If Defense Industry Can’t Boost Production, Arming Both Ukraine and the US May Become ‘Challenging’

Carlos Del Toro’s comments come as an admiral accuses weapons makers of using the pandemic as an excuse for not delivering arms on time.

Zelenskyy to America: Our Fight Is Your Fight

“Your money is not charity," the Ukrainian president said, but "an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”