Another US Hypersonic Missile Hits Mach 5 in Test, Air Force Says

Three different U.S. weapons have now demonstrated successful hypersonic flight.

It Will Be Years Before Raytheon Can Build New Stinger Missiles

The U.S. has been sending its Stingers to Ukrainian forces battling Russia.

Lockheed Martin Hopes the US Has Turned the Corner on Hypersonics

March test ‘one of the biggest steps we've seen’ in development of new hypersonic weapons, company officials say.

Space Symposium 2022 Conference Wire: Tracking Hypersonics

Satellites that can spot maneuvering missiles were among the hot topics at the conference's Day 3.

Flat Army Budget Request Would Fund a Smaller Force

Active-duty force set to shrink amid tight labor market as service leaders propose a 1.7% 2023 budget.

The ‘No-Fly Zone’ Test

Want to put U.S. or allied aircraft over Ukraine? Answer these questions first.

China Wants to Own the Hypersonic ‘Domain,’ DOD Official Says

While the United States focuses on highly maneuverable missiles, China aims to control all of “near space.”

2021 Top Ten: Army

The Army took strides in its version of the Pentagon's connect-everything plan. But leaders said more changes are ahead.

2021 Top Ten: Navy

The sea service moved ahead with new warship ideas and tested new warfighting concepts. But will they win over Congress?

Don't Buy China's Hypersonic Head-Fake. Its Spaceplanes Are Racing Ahead.

In the past five years, China’s spaceplane development has accelerated, adding breakthroughs, tests, and new industry players.

Calls Grow Urgent for Improving Guam’s Missile Defenses

“The threat to Guam will only increase over the next five years,” says INDOPACOM’s No. 2.

Army General Wants More Missile Defense Within First Island Chain

“I don't think we have enough right now,” Maj. Gen. Vowell said.