Defense One Radio, Ep. 153: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 2: China and the Indo-Pacific

Why is the region in the middle of an arms race? And what do analysts think China is really spending on its military?

Ukrainians plead with White House to lift missile-use restrictions

The White House is giving Ukraine more weapons, but also “limiting our capabilities,” officials warn.

Another US precision-guided weapon falls prey to Russian electronic warfare, US says

A U.S. defense official would not provide specifics, but is likely referring to Boeing’s Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb.

US will ‘continue to provide' ATACMS to Ukraine, national security advisor says

Months of work to build up stocks means the U.S. can give Ukraine more of the sought-after long-range weapon.

Why we can shoot down Iranian drones over Israel but not Ukraine

The different outcomes of the weekend’s attacks on Tel Aviv and Kharkiv reflect factors practical and political.