Ep. 58: Wargames

All about one of the safer, cheaper ways to figure out who’s going to win a war.

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This episode we'll learn why the Pentagon and the U.S. defense establishment are increasingly turning to wargames and simulations; what famous games of the past got right, and wrong; and why we still need experts who strategize almost exclusively in the analog world of plastic chips and toy soldiers and hexagon maps.

Guests include Becca Wasser, Stacie Pettyjohn, Ellie Bartels, Christopher Rice and Mark Herman. 

  • Find former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work's February 2015 memo on wargaming (PDF) here.
  • Find Hannah Allam's NPR report on Wasser, Pettyjohn and Bartels (aka the "Dames of Wargames") here.

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