Defense Industry Asks White House to Allow COVID Tests to Substitute for Vax Mandate

Nation’s largest military shipbuilder says it won’t comply until mandate is written into a contract.

Key Pentagon Posts Remain Vacant Amid Supply-Chain Crisis

The Biden administration has not even nominated a defense undersecretary of acquisition and sustainment.

On Deadline Day, 90% of US Feds Are COVID-Vaxxed

Of the 3.5 million government workers, about 5% are seeking exemptions and about 175,000 are facing disciplinary action.

Senators Have More Than 900 Ideas To Fix America’s Security

The proposed amendments to the NDAA include ideas on Afghanistan, China and extremism in the ranks.

As Pentagon Fails 4th Audit, Officials Have ‘No Doubt’ It Will Eventually Pass 

The inspector general and independent public accounting firms conducted this year's audit of DoD's $3.2 trillion in assets and $3 trillion in liabilities.

Army Recruiters on TikTok Dance Around Ban To Reach Gen Z

As threat worries subside, one sergeant has nearly half a million followers on the China-based app—and the Army wants her advice.

DHS Launches Portal to Recruit—and Retain—Cybersecurity Talent

The moment of truth is here for a new hiring system that promises to address gaping cybersecurity shortages by redefining "merit."

Australia Seeks ‘More Proactive’ Role In Indo-Pacific

The ambassador says Australia can no longer be a “passive recipient” in today’s strategic environment.

Plan to Draft Women is Uniting Unlikely Political Allies

Anti-war activists and conservative hawks both want women to stay out of the Selective Service System.

Lawmakers Push DOD to Share its Data to Help U.S. Make AI Gains

New legislation to pilot easy-access data libraries could be included in the fiscal 2022 NDAA.

Navy Secretary Seeks 3-5% Annual Budget Increases

“I think more members of Congress understand the real threat that China presents,” Del Toro said.

Biden Administration Delays Contractor Vaccine Mandate Until Jan. 4

Defense firms had warned of layoffs and weapons-manufacturing delays.