Do states need a ‘Space Force militia’? Air Force says no

A recent legislative proposal reignited debate over a potential Space National Guard.

When can US spies buy your personal data? New guidelines are coming

The ODNI will soon release "extra safeguards" for protecting citizens' privacy when buying datasets, a top Pentagon lawyer says.

‘Deterring conflict is our highest duty’

Adm. Koehler takes command of U.S. Pacific Fleet, as Adm. Paparo moves on to Indo-Pacific Command.

Military could be directed to protect industry's satellites, Pentagon says

The Defense Department's first commercial space integration strategy says the military will take steps to “mitigate risks to commercial space actors.”

The Pentagon gets a cyber czar

Upon confirmation, the new assistant defense secretary for cyber policy will oversee spending on network operations, outreach to industry, and more.

Air Mobility commander pushes for connectivity for outdated mobility fleet

Minihan said he wishes his planes were better able to communicate as the command delivers aid to Gaza.

New Air Force combat wings could deploy in 2 years

The service recently announced a major shakeup to prep for war with China.

Air Force’s wishlist includes money for parts and readiness

The $3.5 billion “unfunded priorities” list also includes money for exercises and military construction projects.

House passes $825B defense bill, racing the clock to avoid shutdown

Bill includes new money for ships, planes, ground combat vehicles, and AI.

UN adopts resolution to keep AI 'safe, secure and trustworthy'

The U.S.-led effort garnered the support of more than 120 countries—including China.

Navy offers 2-option shipbuilding plan

One path shows the service's desired path; the other, a plan for no real growth in the Navy budget.

Special operations seeing growing demand amid planned cuts: commander

Faced with a more active China, “I certainly wouldn't support” shrinking the force, SOCOM's Fenton told lawmakers.

Milley, McKenzie detail mistakes that led to Afghan evacuation chaos

The retired generals blamed the State Department for the debacle at Hamid Karzai airport. But it’s not that simple.

State Department wants reliable news, internet connectivity in the Pacific

U.S. is funding journalism fellowships and undersea cable access in the region.

US will send another $300M in weapons to Ukraine, thanks to ‘cost savings’

Good negotiating on earlier contracts freed up funds for rockets and ammo, officials say.

Pentagon budget request aims to balance congressional limits, foreign needs, and innovation

“This should be the wake-up call that tells us we need to be buying different stuff,” one expert said.