Military Must Recruit More Women, Immigrants for the Future Force, Experts Say

At symposium on building the all-volunteer force of 2040, panelists push back on criticism of diversity initiatives.

Left in Limbo, a Handful of Biden’s Defense Picks Await Senate Action

Four nominees—all people of color—received committee approval months ago but have yet to get a Senate vote.

US Army Readies Ukraine Abrams Tank Options For Policymakers

Logistical details must be hashed out in the wake of Biden’s pledge.

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US to Send 31 M1 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

They will join “hundreds” more armored vehicles arriving amid concerns about an anticipated Russian offensive.

Marines To Train For Future Battlefield With Immersive Technologies

The Marine Corps is revamping its training and education programs to prepare Marines to be problem solvers and decision makers, senior service officials say.

DOD's New SATCOM Plan Puts US Space Command in Charge

Clearer descriptions of various agencies' roles is just part of the Pentagon's new effort to improve its satellite communications.


EXCLUSIVE: Navy Won’t Publicly Release Results of Amphibious Ship Study

The study, which had been delayed for months, has been sent to lawmakers.

Germany Resists US, Allied Pressure to Allow Leopard 2 Tanks to Go to Ukraine

German, U.S. officials deny that Berlin would relent if the Pentagon donates Abrams tanks.

US, Allies Push Armor and Rockets Into Ukraine

The aid package comes amid worries about a Russian spring offensive.

Defense Industry Decries Possible GOP-led Spending Cuts

AIA letter begs lawmakers to avoid another sequestration deal.

Kahl: U.S. Focused on ‘Next Phase’ of Ukraine Conflict

A big aid package is expected this week, but it likely won’t contain long-sought, controversial items like ATACMS.

Army Special Operators Seek to Reduce Suicide with ‘Bottom-Led’ Approach

Units have been ordered to develop anti-suicide efforts based on the USASOC's new strategy.

Lawmakers Slam Colleagues’ Talk of 2024 Defense Cuts

Still, Rep. Jordan insists “everything” is on the table.

Ukraine Needs US Help in Fighting Two Wars, Sen. King Says

The Maine independent recently returned from meetings with leaders in Ukraine.

Pentagon Rescinds COVID-Vaccine Mandate

The move was required by the 2023 defense policy bill. Troops who were ejected for refusing the vaccine may petition for a change in their discharge status.