Ukraine, Irregular-War Changes Are Reshaping Pentagon’s Info-Ops Strategy

Civilians reporting military movements and a return to proxy war will inform the first IO update in seven years.

Special Operators Lack ‘Seat at the Table’ in Post-Counterterror Pentagon, SOF Leaders Say

Even as U.S.-trained Ukranians show their mettle, SOF is getting lost in the transition to great power competition, says the assistant defense secretary for special ops.

Biden: Fill Gaps in Cybersecurity Laws. Congress: What Gaps? Admin Officials: ...

Neither the DHS chief nor the FBI director had an answer when a lawmaker asked about Biden's Nov. 7 request.

Is the Pentagon Changing Fast Enough?

So far, two former defense insiders say, new service organizations are more promise than improvement.

Biden and China’s Xi to Meet Face-to-Face on Monday

Taiwan, Ukraine, and microchips are the likely topics, official says.

Donated Tanks Headed to Ukraine

Kyiv will get 90 T-72 tanks, donated by the Czech Republic and upgraded with U.S. and Dutch funds.

Pentagon To Launch New Study On How to Get at Hard, Deeply Buried Targets

A senior defense official explains the thinking behind the Biden Administration’s nuclear policy document.

Army Criminal Division Reviewing Thousands of Cases for Errors

At least 1,900 soldiers saw their careers slowed or ended by incorrect tagging in the service’s criminal database.

Military Leaders Praise Musk as Treasury Officials Eye Twitter Deal

Outgoing Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond thanked the SpaceX CEO “for being here.”

US, Allies Rush Anti-Drone Equipment to Ukraine, Conduct On-Site Weapons Tracking

A defense official also said the United States has no reason to think military aid to Ukraine is going missing.

Drones, Cruise Missiles Are Rising Threats to US Troops and Territory, Pentagon Says

The Missile Defense Review also calls for building a missile shield to protect Guam.

Aides Recall How Ash Carter Changed Pentagon’s Weapons Buying

Over decades, the physicist-turned-defense leader worked to speed up and streamline arms procurement.

AI Tops Proposed Tech Amendments for the 2023 NDAA

One bipartisan proposal would create federal AI data libraries; others would further limit tech exchange with China.

U.S. Military Will Pay for Troops to Travel for Abortions

Post-Roe abortion restrictions are hurting recruiting and retention, defense officials say.

Pentagon Creates Team to Improve SecDef’s IT

A new directorate will serve as a bridge between the Office of the Secretary of Defense and IT service providers.