Congress moves to save F-22s from the boneyard, once again

The compromise defense policy bill sets the USAF’s minimum fighter inventory at 1,112 planes.

Humans must be accountable for AI in war, Air Force secretary says

"You don't enforce laws against machines; you enforce them against people," Kendall told a Reagan Forum audience.

Hundreds of promotions approved after Tuberville drops hold

Senate swiftly approves 425 officers’ advancement, but 11 four-star jobs remain in limbo.

New bill aims to speed up JADC2

The proposed legislation would assign new responsibilities to specific Pentagon officials and aim particularly to improve rollout in the Indo-Pacific.

Vice chief: US can handle Middle East, Ukraine, China missions all at once

But another temporary funding bill is ‘not where we need to be,’ Adm. Grady says.

Pentagon presses Congress to enable AUKUS' next stage

AI-powered subhunters, quantum gear among areas for cooperation under 'Pillar Two' of the trilateral tech-research pact.

Does the US have what it takes to keep its nuclear edge?

A congressional panel highlights its concerns about infrastructure, the industrial base, keeping up with Russia, and staying ahead of China.

AI has a political problem

The military is growing increasingly enthusiastic about AI. The public, less so.

US, UK publish guidance for secure-by-design AI

The first-of-its-kind international effort aims to set standards for cybersecurity in artificial-intelligence software.

US military to fly aid to Gazans as WH warns of next phase of war

The assistance is “nowhere near enough” to meet the need, administration acknowledges.

‘Russia is weaponizing time,’ Ukraine tells NATO

At Halifax conference, Western policy leaders struggled to meet a concatenation of crises.

Ukraine’s artillery supply declines as shells go to Israel

President Zelenskyy confirms that 155mm deliveries are drying up, even as Russia presses an assault in the east.

Military leaders are already using AI tools to help make decisions

Even simpler digitization and automation tools are streamlining combatant commanders' operations, the deputy chief of the Pentagon’s AI office said.

Senate panel moves to evade Tuberville's block on military nominations

The Rules Committee approved a temporary change to allow votes on large groups of nominees, but its fate before the whole Senate remains unclear.

'Influencers in uniform' are boosting recruiting, Pentagon says

Troops' social-media posts are "wildly popular because I think youth are looking for authenticity,” says deputy defense secretary.

Senate confirms first woman to lead Navy, fills Joint Staff vacancies

However, hundreds of confirmations are still blocked by Sen. Tommy Tuberville.

SecDef: Pulling Ukraine support would hand Putin a major win

Secretaries of state and defense urge Congress to pass $106B supplemental to support Israel and Ukraine—and send aid elsewhere as well.