NATO summit a mixed success, even with decidedly less drama

After dissension in the 2023 edition, last week’s meeting offered “no big surprises,” one diplomat said.

The Pentagon's generative-AI task force is trying to answer a lot of questions

How should new tools be used? Where should the actual computing take place? How much will this all cost? And that's just the start.

In picking Vance, Trump takes another step away from Ukraine

Donald Trump’s first running mate tried to steer him toward defending European democracy. His new one won’t.

New ICBM effort won’t slow down despite pledges to ‘restructure’ as costs balloon

Air Force says problems lie less with the Sentinel missile and more with its supporting infrastructure.

Several Pentagon IT programs still lack a cyber strategy, watchdog finds

The programs, used daily by DOD employees, do not even comply with decade-old cybersecurity requirements, GAO concludes.

US ‘winding down’ Gaza pier operations

Now, the issue is “getting aid around Gaza effectively,” national security advisor says.

US agrees to build icebreakers with Canada, Finland

White House hopes Ice Pact will boost shipbuilding in democratic countries while it addresses Arctic challenges.

At NATO summit, Zelensky presses for US greenlight to hit Russian bases

Meanwhile, Denmark calls on allies to move faster to help Ukraine “beat Russia.”

NATO leaders pledge ‘well-lit bridge’ to Ukraine membership

Kyiv's path to becoming an ally isn’t yet clear. But there is movement.

Trump pledges to ax Biden’s AI-safety order

The newly adopted Republican platform says the executive order "hinders AI Innovation."

A US agency focused on foreign disinformation could shut down after the election

The State Department’s Global Engagement Center recently opened an anti-Russian propaganda center in Poland, but needs Congressional action to continue operations.

Air Force fires head of Sentinel ICBM program

Spokesman says Col. Charles Clegg's removal "is not directly related" to the program's ballooning costs.

Senate advances 2% raise for defense civilians, 4.5% for military

An unusual White House proposal to give different raises drew early fire, but lawmakers are passing up opportunities to do anything about it.

What will happen to the Air Force’s next-gen fighter jet?

The service may be waffling on NGAD because it’s dealing with a “truly miserable choice,” one analyst said.

Lawmakers slam Coast Guard's handling of misconduct allegations

The criticism followed a year-old CNN investigation and a scathing resignation letter by the Coast Guard Academy's sex-assault response coordinator.

Europe’s still spending too little on defense to suit Estonia

Even Tallinn itself is not doing enough, according to a senior defense official who quit in protest.

Bush-era national security officials warn against politicizing civil service

In a letter to congressional committee staff directors, a cadre of former Republican appointees urged lawmakers to pursue a “middle ground” of federal employee accountability that preserves merit systems principles.