Science & Tech

US Army’s Not Stupid for Wanting Long-Range Fires — But More Analysis Needed, Hyten Says

“You want each service to bring those long-range fires,” the Joint Chiefs’ vice chairman said.

US Army Wants Face Recognition at Base Gates

It's seeking a camera that can do the job through a rainy windshield at night.

Electric Cars, Smart Refrigerators Pose Cyber Risk To US Utilities, GAO Finds

The risks aren’t well understood by researchers, in part because of local and state control of electrical utilities.

US Army Ready to Roll Out Futuristic Goggles to Larger Force

Service to spend up to $22 billion on Microsoft-based IVAS augmented-reality headsets.

UK ‘Absolutely’ Will Buy More F-35s, Procurement Minister Says

But Jeremy Quin declined to say whether the 138-jet goal remains unchanged.

A Marine Logistics Base May Be the Warehouse of the Future

Virginia Tech researchers aim to use 5G networks to track items as they come and go.

DARPA Hopes to Improve Computer Vision in ‘Third Wave’ of AI Research

The advanced research office is preparing a solicitation for novel research into In Pixel Intelligent Processing as the next breakthrough in artificial intelligence.

Senators Offer to Let NSA Hunt Cyber Actors Inside the US

After SolarWinds hack, Gen. Nakasone seeks some sort of a fix for the cybersecurity ‘blind spot’ against Russia, China, but others cite privacy concerns in potential expanded authorities.

These Are the Riskiest ‘Smart City’ Technologies, Cybersecurity Experts Say

Technology like sensors built into infrastructure and emergency alerts has possible benefits, but in a new study dozens of experts weigh in on where some of the more significant pitfalls may lie.

China Is ‘Danger Close’ to US in AI Race, DOD AI Chief Says

JAIC leader stresses that AI ethics guidelines don’t slow down the United States. In fact, they are essential.

Drones Could One Day Make Up 40% of a Carrier Air Wing, Navy Says

The Department’s new unmanned plan directs focus not just on drones but on their “enabling technologies.”

DARPA Aims to Boost US Manufacturing of Certain Chips

Better processes for converting general-purpose chips to specialized ones would pay big dividends, agency says.

Key Official: Defense Information Operations ‘Not Evolving Fast Enough’

China will soon harness AI to supplant Russia as the world leader in information warfare, a DIA leader said.

Putin Authorized Smear Campaign Against Biden, US Intelligence Concludes

Less hacking, more laundering: 2020 tactics show evolution of Russian information warfare efforts.

Can Plant-Based Vaccines Speed Up Production?

Clinical trials for Medicago’s new manufacturing process may glean the go-ahead.

DARPA Seeks Chips that Can Crunch Data Without Decrypting It

Current methods of doing "fully homomorphic encryption" require too much computing power to be used widely.

Splitting NSA, CyberCom Now Could Reduce Military Access to Intelligence, Milley Says

The Joint Chiefs chairman says the organizations have not yet worked out how to keep the data flowing after the long-awaited split.