Estonia Will Ask For a Clearer Path for Ukraine to Join NATO

In Europe, defense ministers and military experts worry that the world is not learning the lessons from Ukraine quickly enough.

‘No Magic Weapons’: Milley Sets Expectations On F-16s

Joint Chiefs Chairman defends United States’ gradual approach on weapons for Ukraine.

Arms Flow 30% Faster to Ukraine as US Relearns Cold-War Skills

Logisticians are honing techniques invented to keep the Soviet Union from seizing Europe.

B-2s to Return to Flight after Five Months

Air Force officials still won’t say why one of the stealthy bombers was forced to land in December.

US Medics Must Learn from Ukraine’s Harsher War, Report Says

Russia’s artillery and jammers make battlefield medicine harder and more dangerous than in Afghanistan and Iraq.

US Will Use AI to Track Orbiting Objects, Space Command Says

The four-year-old command is set to reach full operating capacity this year—but will it stay in Colorado?