Army names air-defense vehicle for Medal of Honor recipient

“Sgt. Stout” will refer to a missile-and-gun variant of the service’s M-SHORAD effort.

Is NGAD slipping off the table? Air Force chief declines to confirm plans to build next-gen fighter

“We're going to have to make those choices” in the next few years, Gen. Allvin says at an AFA event.

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What might an invasion of Taiwan look like, and how can allies help the island nation better defend itself?

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The author of “White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan" discusses shoring up defenses against a blockade or invasion.

China’s overseas bases aren’t a big threat, yet: RAND

But Beijing is looking to add to its footprint, from Asia to Africa to the Mideast.

Sophisticated Army training goes mobile to knit a farflung Pacific coalition

The service took its Hawaii-based center to the Philippines, part of a regional campaign of joint and combined training.