US Sending More HIMARS Artillery to Ukraine

Just days after announcing a new billion-dollar weapons shipment, the White House announces $450 million more.

Russia Is Boosting Food Prices to Undermine Global Support for Sanctions, Officials Say

Moscow is blockading exports, bombing silos, and telling the world that high prices are the West’s fault.

Ukrainian Fighter Pilots: Send Better Jets and Air Defenses

They’ve shot down a few Russian cruise missiles—but they could do far more with modern gear.

Major Pentagon IT Projects Lack Plans to Secure Networks, Supply Chains: GAO

Watchdog also noted cost increases among most of the Defense Department's top 25 IT efforts.

New NATO Strategic Concept Will Broaden Vision of Deterrence

An interconnected era requires looking at security through economic, technological, and logistics lenses.

What Ukraine Needs: More Arms, Sanctions, and Money, Ambassador Says

The war-ravaged economy is providing the Kyiv government far less than the $5B per month it needs, Oksana Markarova said.

Russia Might Try Reckless Cyber Attacks as Ukraine War Drags On, US Warns

Ground commanders have been unable to capitalize on at least one previous cyber strike.

US Pledges More Weapons to Ukraine, But Milley Warns ‘The Numbers Clearly Favor The Russians’

More Javelins, Howitzers, long-range rockets are on the way, but will they arrive in time to make a difference?