20 Years Later, Terrorism Simmers from Iraq to Afghanistan, Officials Warn

Threats are rising once again, two decades after the American invasion that unleashed them all.

Counter-Offensive Arms, Gear Continues a Trend in US Aid to Ukraine

Mine-clearing and bridging equipment are of particular use in assaulting dug-in forces.

Air Force Should Double Its B-21 Purchase Plans, Think Tank Says

The service also needs to buy the stealth bombers more quickly, a new Mitchell Institute report says.

Threats in the Mideast Are Rising, CENTCOM Chief Says

ISIS-K will be able to launch attacks abroad in less than six months, Gen. Kurilla told lawmakers.

Russian Strike on US Drone Reflects a 'More Aggressive' Intercept Pattern, Milley Says

The MQ-9 UAV sank so deep into the Black Sea that it’s difficult to recover, the Joint Chiefs chairman added.

Space Force to Spend $340 Million on New Training Infrastructure

The service’s budget proposal also includes $99 million in the next year for updated space launch ranges, and $1 billion more across the next five years.

Russian Jet Hits US Drone Over the Black Sea

The MQ-9 crashed after an Su-27 dumped fuel on it and then struck its propellor, U.S. officials said.