The new rules of geopolitics in Africa

Washington should foster coalitions that can offer a better value proposition than competing revisionist powers.

Sudan’s descent into chaos sets stage for al-Qaida to return to a stronghold

The group's opportunities imperil not only the country but also regional, and potentially global, security.

Russia exploits Western vacuum in Africa’s Sahel

Niger’s rejection of democratic ties coincides starkly with its embrace of Russian military assistance since the July 2023 military coup.

Russia's lies helped persuade Niger to eject US troops, AFRICOM says

The U.S. needs to beef up its own counter-disinformation efforts, Gen. Langley tells lawmakers.

Space Force sets up shop in Europe, Africa combatant commands

SPACEFOREUR-AF is the latest office created to serve warfighting commands around the world.

US finally labels military takeover in Niger a coup

The declaration comes three months after the country’s president was overthrown.