Special Operators Want AI to Help Discern Public Opinion

New sentiment-analysis tools would improve psyops, SOCOM commander says.

Biden Orders US Troops Back to Somalia, Reverses Trump Withdrawal

“This is a step that rationalizes what was essentially an irrational arrangement that we inherited,” a senior administration official said.

New Navy Task Force to Protect Red Sea Region

Drug and weapons smuggling, as well as rocket attacks, undermine the security of the major shipping route.

Russia’s Mercenaries Don’t Want to Control Africa. They Want to Loot It

U.S. policymakers should focus less on what the mercs are doing on the continent than what the United States could do.

Pentagon May Boost Troop Presence In Somalia

It’s “not effective” to try to deter terrorists there from bases in neighboring countries, U.S. Africa Command leader says.

Navy Puts AI, Unmanned Systems to the Test in Five-Sea, 60-Nation Exercise

Multiple scenarios will allow participants to explore the naval potential of remote sensing and more.

French, U.S. Special Forces Agree to Beef Up Partnership in Africa

The new agreement shows that counterterrorism will still be a top focus for the Pentagon.