US to Sextuple 155mm Production, Improve Arms Factories

Some $1.45 billion will be spent to better produce artillery rounds, over a million of which have been sent to Ukraine.

Army Wishlist: Tank Upgrades, Augmented Reality

Service has $1.93 billion worth of priority items not included in its official budget request.

The Army Is Putting All Its Network Efforts Under One Roof

By October, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical is expected to absorb network portfolios from its sister PEO for enterprise services.

Interior Lines Will Make Land Power the Asymmetric Advantage in the Indo-Pacific

The Army is building compact lines of maneuver, communications, and logistics.

Army Focuses on China and Ukraine-Related Ammo Production in 2024 Budget

Army wants more spending on hypersonic weapons and plans large buys of anti-aircraft weapons as it gears up to counter China.

The Pentagon’s 2024 Budget Proposal, In Short

The spending plan includes $315 billion to develop and buy new weapons.

Army Targets Gen Z In New Ad Campaign

The service released its new ads several months ahead of schedule to meet the “the most challenging recruitment environment in years,” Sec. Wormuth said.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 118: U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Chris Donahue

The 18th Airborne Corps commander talks about drones, recruiting, the Pacific theater, challenges posed by China, and more.

A Lack of Machine Tools Is Holding Back Ammo Production, Army Says

The U.S. has enough raw materials, but the heavy equipment used to make artillery shells aren’t easy to buy.

As US Rushed Troops to Europe, Logistics Staff Faced Problems Supplying Them With Weapons

U.S. logisticians beat the clock to supply equipment for a snap deployment, but soldiers reported maintenance issues with vehicles and missing equipment.