Guam Needs Better Missile Defenses—Urgently

Here's a two-stage plan to harden this crucial island base against China's burgeoning missile arsenal.

Four Ways China Is Growing Its Media Influence in Southeast Asia

Beijing is trying to burnish its image in the region. What if it took aim at America’s instead?


Lawmakers Worry Pentagon Will ‘Shortchange’ INDOPACOM’s Budget Request

More than a dozen members of the House Armed Services Committee asked appropriators to bring the Pentagon’s 2023 spending proposal up to INDOPACOM’s request.

Navy: Just One Shipbuilding Option Gets Closer To Desired Fleet

A 3-star clarifies the three paths described in the Navy's recent longterm fleet plan.

Plan Now for a 'No-Fly Zone' Over Taiwan

Thwarting a Chinese invasion depends on air defense, and that starts with these four steps.

China Should Heed Lessons from Russia’s Ukraine Invasion, US Official Says

“Your adversary’s probably stronger than you think it is,” warned the assistant defense secretary for Indo-Pacific security affairs.

Send More Aid to Taiwan, Before It’s Too Late

The emergency supplemental bill should be just the prelude to a larger annual military aid package.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Does Not Put Beijing in a Bind

Not yet, anyway. The U.S. and its allies should trumpet Chinese leaders’ decision to partner with a pariah state.

Biden Should Shift US Troop Positions Worldwide

The crisis in Europe makes clear that Biden’s team should rethink their first National Defense Strategy, quickly.

Biden’s Indo-Pac Strategy Will Rely On Partnerships To Counter China

“This is not a China strategy,” a senior administration official said. “This very clearly identifies China as one of the challenges the region faces…but our China strategy is global in scope.”

Japan PM Kishida’s Top Concerns for Biden: Covid, Climate, & China

New and old issues—including over U.S. troops—are on the agenda this week in their first virtual meeting as world leaders.

Air Force Must Harden Pacific Bases Against Missiles, Secretary Says

Today’s unhardened, undispersed hangars are easy targets for a new generation of Chinese weapons, Frank Kendall said.

Calls Grow Urgent for Improving Guam’s Missile Defenses

“The threat to Guam will only increase over the next five years,” says INDOPACOM’s No. 2.

New National Defense Strategy to Be Released Early 2022

The Pentagon's NDS will follow the release of a new National Security Strategy from the White House, officials said.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 92: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Defense One's Tara Copp sat down with the SecDef as part of the Outlook 2022 event series.

Diplomacy Is the Key to Reducing US Forces in the Mideast

The Pacific pivot need not reduce Middle East security—if the U.S. can get its partners on board.