Defense One Radio, Ep. 92: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Defense One's Tara Copp sat down with the SecDef as part of the Outlook 2022 event series.

Diplomacy Is the Key to Reducing US Forces in the Mideast

The Pacific pivot need not reduce Middle East security—if the U.S. can get its partners on board.

Army Would Have 5 ‘Core Tasks’ in a Pacific Conflict

Secretary Wormuth said the service is keenly watching U.S. talks with regional allies over access to bases, including for new weapons.

US, S. Korea to Write New War Plan to Counter N. Korean Nukes, Missiles

During visit, defense chiefs also expected to announce Seoul will test for long-awaited operational control of joint forces in 2022.

US Needs Indo-Pacific Force ‘Enhancements,’ Global Posture Review Finds

Few details released from classified review, which arrives amid geopolitical shifts.

Expand Five Eyes to Nine? That's Four Too Many

The proposed expansion would force the original members to stop spying on the new ones.

Are Naval Forces on the Right Path? Leaders Run Wargame to Check

Analysis of the classified, Pacific-focused “Global 14” will continue for weeks or months, a Navy official said.

The Disinformation Business is Booming

Other nations can learn from South Korea, which has been on the forefront of online disinfo.

Australia Seeks ‘More Proactive’ Role In Indo-Pacific

The ambassador says Australia can no longer be a “passive recipient” in today’s strategic environment.

Navy Fires Commander, Other Leaders of Damaged Submarine

A separate safety investigation is still proceeding into the Oct. 2 grounding of USS Connecticut.

China Likely to Have ‘At Least’ 1,000 Nukes by 2030, Pentagon Estimates

Beijing’s new capabilities could embolden a Taiwan attack—but that’s not likely within the next two years, Milley says.

Defense Firms Pitch Arms, Gear to an Army Looking for Relevance in the Pacific

On Wednesday, Lockheed Martin will attempt to fire a new weapon nearly 500 kilometers.

General Makes Case for Army’s Role in the Indo-Pacific

“By putting boots on the ground,” Gen. Charles Flynn said, “we're demonstrating the will of the United States.”

AUSA Conference Wire: A Big Switch

As the first post-Afghanistan AUSA conference gets underway, the shift from CT to great-power competition is evident on the convention floor.