Defense One Radio, Ep. 108: What lies ahead for the U.S. Army

The Army's top officer discusses the future of the force and how the six-month-old Ukraine invasion is evolving.

Marines Hone Future Concepts with Dune Buggies, Liaison Officers, and Many Radios

The giant RIMPAC exercise helped the Corps test their newest type of agile unit within a multinational force.

China’s New Ambassador Warns US Has ‘Gone Too Far’ Over Taiwan

Qin Gang is setting himself up as the unflinching mouthpiece of an assertive Beijing. Can he win over Washington?

How Beijing Is Changing Its Rules Around Taiwan

Three lessons from China’s recent exercises around the self-governing island.

The Hardest Thing About Missile Defense in Guam? Finding the Right Site

There are candidate locations, but nothing is final, said Missile Defense Agency Director Vice Adm. Jon Hill.

As China, Taiwan Tensions Flare, US Faces Shrinking Window to Deter Conflict

Experts say China has multiple options for military or coercive action in the coming years. Neither the US or Taiwan can prepare for all of them.

In ‘Irresponsible Act,’ China Trims Defense Communications with US

White House decries reduction in discussion channels at a time of rising tensions.

CNO: Pacific Forces Can Learn from NATO’s Work with Ukraine

Leaders leave RIMPAC thinking about ways to increase info-sharing, international cooperation.

Chinese Disinformation Group Targeted Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

Efforts to attack critics of the PRC online have expanded in recent months.

Robot Ships Debut at RIMPAC, Helping US Navy Sail Toward a Less-Crewed Future

Four unmanned surface vessels sailed with manned ships, sharing data and testing how they would operate with the larger U.S. fleet.

The US Navy Should Assemble a Fleet for Littoral Campaigns

Don't build a fleet to fight off a Chinese invasion force; build one that gives the U.S. and allies more options.


CNO Seeks Not Just Interoperability But Interchangeability With Foreign Militaries

And that starts with “ships being honest with themselves,” Adm. Gilday told Defense One.


National Guard Considering Major Expansion in Indo-Pacific

In an interview, Gen. Dan Hokanson says Guard seeks to amplify its training presence because of China’s increased aggressiveness.