AUSA 2015

In Chattanooga’s Wake, DHS Wants To Revive Terrorism Alert System

With terrorist-inspired attacks on the rise, the federal government may revise the unused successor to the Bush-era color alerts.

With Russia in Mind, BAE Revives Light Tank from the ’90s

U.S. military brass say Russia is the top threat, so companies are pitching arms for a new European battlefield…even if there is no money to buy them.

The US Army’s Biggest Concern Right Now Is Congress

The Army, like the rest of the military, says its top worry is trying to prepare soldiers to fight when Congress can’t even give them a budget.

Laser Trucks Are On Their Way

As onboard power capabilities for small trucks continue to improve, defense manufacturers are looking for fancier features. Lasers anyone?

Seven Things Our Army Needs, Right Now

AUSA's president calls for stabilizing the size of the Army, giving it more money, and ending partisan conflict.