Police Militarization Has Fostered a Culture that Sees Protesters as ‘The Enemy’

I served 27 years as a police officer, I have observed this militarization firsthand, and studied how it affects confrontations.

Trump, GOP Allies Reach For Military Response To Domestic Protests

In startling language, Defense Secretary Mark Esper referred to American streets as “the battlespace.”

Estonia Already Lives Online. Why Can’t the United States?

Using secure identification, people there can bank, apply for government assistance, file for sick leave, order prescriptions, and get medical care—all online.

Weekend of Violent Protests Leaves Trail of Damage for Feds

A Federal Protective Service officer was killed, dozens of Secret Service officers were wounded, and government buildings and monuments were vandalized.

When Civilian Protest Is Labeled 'Urban Warfare'

When state officials say they face "a sophisticated network of urban warfare,” they're looking through the lens of a militarized police force.

Congress Hears Options—And Concerns—for Using Smartphone Data to Fight Coronavirus

Other countries have been using various forms of location- and proximity-tracing to slow the spread of the disease, with widely varying levels of privacy protections.

Wear Homemade Masks If You Can't Get Real Ones, Pentagon Tells Its People

N95 respirators and surgical masks will be reserved for health care workers and patients, the Defense Department said in a series of memos this week.

Thousands of Federal Employees Have The Coronavirus

Many more are quarantined due to possible exposure as employees are on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 and providing essential services.

Esper to DOD: Expect to Telework for 'Weeks For Sure, Maybe Months'

At a virtual town hall, the defense secretary asked troops and employees to be extra careful of phishing attempts and to disregard dis- and misinformation about COVID-19.

The Trump Administration Drove Him Back to China, Where He Invented a Fast Coronavirus Test

A federal crackdown on professors’ undisclosed outside activities is achieving what China has long struggled to do: spur Chinese scientists to return home. In this crisis, it’s costing the U.S. intellectual firepower.

OMB Says 'Work From Home.' But Some Defense Contracts Say Workers Can't

Industry association pushes for the administration to issue guidance for flexibility and greater use of contractors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Federal Employees Worry Their Agencies Aren't Keeping Them Safe from Coronavirus

White House's "maximum telework" edict isn't helping those without computers, or the 85% of feds outside the DC area.

Attacks on DOD Networks Soar as Telework Inflicts ‘Unprecedented’ Loads

As DOD scrambles to find equipment for those who can work from home, Pentagon leaders tell personnel: ‘No hand-shaking, no high-fives,” and clean your workstations.

Pentagon Halts Domestic Travel by Troops to Slow Coronavirus Spread

The late-Friday edict goes much farther than Wednesday's limits on international travel.

DOD, Feds Issue Coronavirus Guidelines for Civilian Employees

New memos spell out expanded telework flexibilities, leave policies, alternative work schedules, and more.

The US Isn’t Ready for What’s About to Happen

Even with a robust government response to the novel coronavirus, many people will be in peril. And the United States is anything but prepared.

The American Public Wants a Sustainable Middle East Policy

Despite the mainstream narrative presenting a deep lack of appetite for another war in the Middle East, the United States will never be able to ignore the region completely.