‘Continuous vetting’ effort will expand to cover more defense civilians

After a successful pilot program, the government plans expand the background-check process to all “public trust” positions.

Can a nationwide emergency-alert test restore public trust?

The Oct. 4 text message is supposed to reach all compatible devices in the U.S. It could shed light on how government agencies can improve their emergency communications.

White House to feds: Prepare for a shutdown

Level of preparedness and communication varies across government agencies as fiscal deadline looms.

Senate preps short-term funding measure, but House remains on path to shutdown

The lower body's GOP leaders continue to pursue deep cuts to that stand no chance across Capitol Hill or in the White House.

The latest Iran deal is a win-win

A complicated prisoner swap should ease drug shortages that are killing ordinary Iranians—and put new pressure on Tehran’s leaders.

'Sudden surge' in cyberattacks on government: report

Blackberry's quarterly threat report said attacks on government agencies and the public sector rose 40% since last year.

Intel leaders, White House argue for keeping digital spy powers

Agencies have less than six months to convince a divided Congress to re-up an expiring warrantless surveillance authority.

As Army Launches Recruiting Drive in Cities, One Recruiter Lays Out the Challenges

Potential recruits aren’t worried about Army emphasis on diversity, despite Republican concerns.

Lawmakers Propose Civilian Cyber Reserve to Bolster DOD and DHS

Bipartisan bills aim to allow the agencies to bolster cybersecurity by recruiting skilled civilians to serve as reservists.

How a Problem-Solving Course Could Help Rebuild Trust in the US Military

Let’s expand the Hacking 4 Defense program, which already helps hundreds of college students engage fruitfully with national-security problems.

More Is Needed to Deter States That Take American Hostages

Foreign governments are illegally detaining more U.S. citizens than are terror groups.

5.2% Pay Bump for Troops, Feds in 2024 Budget Proposal

The largest proposed pay raise for federal employees since the Carter administration still falls short of the demands of some Democrats and unions.

Army Targets Gen Z In New Ad Campaign

The service released its new ads several months ahead of schedule to meet the “the most challenging recruitment environment in years,” Sec. Wormuth said.

New National Cyber Strategy: Raise Defensive Baseline for Critical Infrastructure

The White House wants to get electrical systems, gas pipelines, water treatment plants, and more up to a consistent level of cybersecurity.

Delete TikTok by March 29, White House Tells Feds

The Office of Management and Budget responds to a congressional push to ban the popular Chinese social-networking app from government devices.