‘MAGA’ Republicans Are Dismantling Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

Efforts to draft the U.S. military into culture wars are undoing its Reagan-era rise from post-Vietnam malaise.

The National Counterterrorism Center Must Expand to Better Fight Domestic Terrorists

Broadening the NCTC’s mission to include homegrown terrorism will require bold executive leadership and congressional action.

Why Isn’t the Pentagon Helping the International Court Prosecute Putin?

DOD’s concerns about “reciprocity” should not constrain U.S. efforts to help Ukraine pursue justice.

Chinese Breakthroughs Bring Quantum Tools Closer to Practicality

Still, concerns of a Chinese “quantum supremacy” should be softened by the realities and difficulties of this new space.

DOD Managers Need a New Approach. SOCOM Can Lead the Way

The Pentagon's McNamara-era philosophy is woefully insufficient to a world that changes daily. U.S. Special Operations Command is working to craft a better one.


How Special Operations Forces Must Meet the Challenges of a New Era

To the commander of U.S. SOCOM, what matters most is whether we solve the problem our nation needs solved.

Want More Pentagon Innovation? Try This Experiment

A former Defense Secretary and Air Force Secretary propose more budgetary flexibility and a new approach to program management.

To Keep Hackers Out of US Weapons, the Pentagon Needs to Get In

Constant surveillance of data flows is key to spotting dangerous intrusions.

In Ukraine, A New Chance to Judge the Patriot Missile

The much-lauded air-defense system has a decidedly mixed record. The Pentagon should watch its performance carefully.

What Sudan’s Plunge into Chaos Means for US Strategy

The 2019 coup led not to democracy but to a global rush for influence and mineral wealth.

How Tucker Carlson Helped Turn Americans Against the Military

The partisan firebrand told viewers that uniformed leaders were out to weaken the armed forces and the country itself.

Biden Must Resist Calls to Send Cluster Munitions to Ukraine

Transferring the weapons may bring tactical benefits but would be a strategic disaster.

Is the US in a Space Race Against China?

If so, it's a pretty one-sided contest so far.

The NSA’s Brain Drain Has a Silver Lining

Agency leaders should use former employees to recruit new talent and cement public-private working relationships.

The Army Wants SBOMs—and So Should the Other Services

Software bills of materials are key to keeping track of what code is running your weapons or systems.

Still Waiting for an International Tribunal on ISIS

It would help Iraq restore the rule of law, deter future violence, and give victims a mechanism for redress and healing.