‘I see no happy ending’, former intelligence leader says of Gaza hostage situation

Gregory F. Treverton, a former chairman of the National Intelligence Council in the Obama administration, looks at why hostage-takers act—and why governments deal.

How Hamas evaded Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system

Even the best air defense systems can be overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

‘Everything you see is live’ as CENTCOM shifts to digital tools

A U.S. Central Command exercise shows that operations can—and soon must—be centered on live data feeds.

The Israeli military was unprepared to respond to Hamas’ surprise attack

Many have criticized Israel for its intelligence failure to anticipate the attack, but the attack's success was an operational failure as well.

The inside story of how the Navy spent billions on the 'Little Crappy Ship'

Littoral combat ships were supposed to launch the Navy into the future. Instead, they broke down across the globe. Now the service is getting rid of them.

Congress has 11 days to pass 12 funding bills—and that's not likely

A former deputy director of the CBO expects a shutdown—of possibly record-breaking length.

The Space Force needs a brand-new culture of its own

It doesn’t do organized violence—and shouldn’t pretend that it does.

China is honing runway-repair teams

In a Pacific conflict, sustained air operations will turn on the ability to keep airfields open.

We got all six defense-industry stakeholders in a room. Now what?

A unique forum reveals rifts—and potential ways forward—in the quest to improve defense innovation.

Beware of Pentagon techno-enthusiasm

A massive new drone effort, while laudable in its quest for simpler weapons, does not come without strings attached.

Get mental health stigmas out of the clearance process

Old attitudes toward mental health treatment must no longer dissuade people from applying for cleared jobs or seeking help after receiving one.

Air Force deal sets a precedent others should follow

By obtaining the data rights for two helicopters, the service sets itself up to save money and improve readiness.

Extend the Pentagon’s ban on China’s consumer drones

The rest of the federal government—and state and local agencies and even private-sector infrastructure companies—should quit using this Chinese technology.

The latest Iran deal is a win-win

A complicated prisoner swap should ease drug shortages that are killing ordinary Iranians—and put new pressure on Tehran’s leaders.

To compete with China in STEM, Pentagon should invest in HBCUs

The DOD can't leave the potential of historically Black colleges and universities untapped.