‘War Is Coming’: Mysterious TikTok Videos Are Scaring Sweden’s Children

The campaign offers an early test for the country’s new anti-disinformation agency.

China Is Watching Ukraine With a Lot of Interest

Biden’s handling of Putin may tell Xi Jinping how resolutely the U.S. would defend Taiwan.

How Fake Spies Ruin Real Intelligence

Espionage-themed entertainment is influencing policy makers, from soldiers fighting on the front lines to justices sitting on the nation’s highest court.

Unless Biden Acts Now, His Nuclear Policy Will Look a Lot Like Trump’s

The smart move is to declare a "sole purpose" policy and reverse the dangerous expansion of nuclear missions.

The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine

If Putin is not deterred from seizing another chunk of sovereign territory, he won’t stop there.

The Metaverse Offers Much Potential For Terrorists and Extremists

The coming immersive virtual reality version of the internet will bring all the problems of today's 2D version.

Who’s Afraid of an ICBM Review?

It’s worth spending five figures to assess whether to move ahead with a program that could cost more than a quarter-trillion dollars.

Six Things Veterans Can Do to Strengthen Our Democracy

Work to inoculate our communities against disinformation, increase civil participation, and collaborate to build our nation’s vital institutions.

Defense Giants Should Stop Funding Election Deniers

If it turns out that antidemocratic action is not a red line for the defense industry, we need to start asking more serious questions.

Is Russia’s Su-75 ‘Checkmate’ Aircraft a Case of Vapor Marketing?

There’s less than meets the eye to the proposed fighter-bomber that made a splash at a recent industry show.

How to Disable Putin’s Energy Weapon

Only by integrating Europe into a better network of energy security can NATO truly protect its members.

Facebook Hosted Surge of Misinformation and Insurrection Threats in Months Leading Up to Jan. 6 Attack, Records Show

A ProPublica/Washington Post analysis of Facebook posts, internal company documents and interviews, provides the clearest evidence yet that the social media giant played a critical role in spreading lies that fomented the violence of Jan. 6.

Why Do US Hypersonic Missile Tests Keep Failing? They’re Going Too Fast

If it’s so important to deploy these new missile types, development schedules should be revised to promote success.

Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine Is Backfiring

Putin’s military moves are rallying Ukrainians and unifying NATO.

No One in Kyiv Knows Whether Russia Is Bluffing

Putin is right about one thing: A free, prosperous Ukraine is a threat to his autocratic regime.

2021 Top Ten: Ideas

The intertwined need to confront China and climate change, turning the tables on Russian psyops, and more.

Bear, Meet Porcupine: Unconventional Deterrence for Ukraine

By "going porcupine," Ukraine can make it clear to Russia that invasion will be costly and unsuccessful. But Kyiv needs help.