Senate Panel Approves $45B Boost To 2023 Defense Topline

The House draft followed Biden’s budget, but lawmakers are expected to debate the funding number next week.

How Much Does Bad Software Cost DOD? Lawmakers Want to Know

The House Armed Services Committee's version of the defense authorization act is getting a provision asking the Pentagon to account for wasted money and lost productivity caused by poorly performing software.

After Deadly Aviation Crashes, Congress May Tighten Pentagon Focus on Why

2023 budget also seeks report on risks to anti-tank and anti-aircraft munition stockpiles after U.S. surge to Ukraine.

In a Connected Era, We Talk Too Much About Individual Weapons

Instead, budgeteers and lawmakers should weigh “networked force packages” of arms and gear.

Lawmakers Plan to Save Some of the 24 Ships the US Navy Wants to Cut

House seapower panel has consensus on five ships; full Armed Services Committee will debate others June 22.

House Bill Would Allow Military to Perform, Fund Abortions

“Reproductive rights cannot and should not end when you put on our nation’s uniform,” Rep. Sara Jacobs said.

Finland, Sweden Would Contribute Militarily to NATO on ‘Day One,’ General Says

Alliance applicants would bring expertise in deterring Russia and advanced naval capabilities in the Baltic Sea.

We Need a New Law to Counter Domestic Drone Threats

The White House sent Congress a plan to protect Americans. It’s not a moment too soon for lawmakers to act.

Fort Bragg as Fort Liberty? Commission Announces Names to Erase Confederate Ties

Army leaders fighting over glory, not racism, drove the choice of “Liberty,” source says.

The New Air Force Ones Are Late, So the Old Planes Need More Cash, Official Says

Air Force acquisition chief cites 2- to 3-year delay, which Boeing blames on subcontractor and supply problems.

Trump Allies Slam Biden For Ukraine Aid Amid Inflation, Supply Chain Shortages

Senators voted no because of problems domestically, a lack of oversight, and a high price tag.