As new ICBMs' cost soars, a few lawmakers are trying to rein it in

A congressional working group on nuclear arms will hold a hearing in July on the budget-busting program.

Biden puts limits on asylum requests at the US-Mexico border

No more than 2,500 incoming people will be able to apply for asylum per day under the new executive order.

House defense bills on collision course over F-35, second sub

Appropriators would boost, not cut, jet purchases, and hew to the Navy’s submarine-building plan.

Biden threatens veto as GOP outlines proposed FY25 cuts

House Republicans propose cutting $700m from military construction, 12% of State and USAID funding, and more.

Army brass opposes drone branch

The service must first establish how it wants to use drones, leaders say.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 154: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 3: The wider world

In the final episode in a three-part series, we revisit the guns-vs.-butter debate and take another look at the consequences of Washington's "porcupine" strategy for Taiwan's defense.

Made in the USA: Defense companies tense as Congress pressures them to buy domestic

A draft version of the 2025 defense authorization act has several provisions targeting China-made critical materials.

House authorizers: cut F-35 purchases to fix problems

Their version of the defense policy bill would reduce the Pentagon’s 2025 purchase by 10 jets.