Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking at Federal Agencies

More than 100,000 federal personnel have now tested positive for COVID-19, with some agencies experiencing acute upticks.

Most States Aren’t Ready to Distribute the Leading COVID-19 Vaccine

State officials don’t know how they’ll deal with difficult storage and transport requirements, especially in rural areas seeing a spike in infections.

The Worst Day of the Pandemic Since May

COVID-19 hospitalizations are now at an all-time high — 40% higher than two weeks ago.

A Dreadful New Peak for the American Pandemic

The country recorded more than 100,000 coronavirus cases today—the highest single-day total since the pandemic began.

The Pandemic Is in Uncharted Territory

The fall surge is rewriting the coronavirus record books across America. And the numbers are still climbing.

In A Post-COVID World, We Need AI More Than Ever

Artificial intelligence tools promise, among other things, to make the Pentagon more efficient.

The COVID-19 Documentary All Americans Need to See

"Totally Under Control" delivers a damning—and essential—report card on the White House’s mismanagement of the pandemic.

The Coronavirus Surge That Will Define the Next 4 Years

Cases are rising in all but nine states. Unlike the past two waves, this one has no epicenter.

The Third Coronavirus Surge Has Arrived

This week’s COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations make clear that the U.S. is once again sinking deeper into the pandemic.

Feds Have Cut Anti-COVID Workforce By More Than 60%

As cases tick up nationwide, administration officials say they have demobilized feds as missions are completed.

How China Outsmarted the Trump Administration

While the U.S. is distracted, China is rewriting the rules of the global order.

Can Dr. Conley — a Military Doctor — Say 'No' to the President?

Yes, but he’s under a lot of pressure that other physicians caring for VIP patients might not be.