Defense Department

The US Needs a Global Coalition to Defeat COVID

Only a multinational effort can meet this unprecedented threat, say the authors, who led U.S. troops and international coalitions in the Middle East and Asia.

'How Much and How Fast': Biden Watchers Anticipate Defense Spending Crunch

Part 4: From the size of the US military to outdated 'legacy' weapons, experts say something has to give.

How Biden Would Wage Great Power Competition

Part 3: While Trump chooses go-it-alone, Biden wants allies and partners “at the forefront” of U.S. foreign policy. But his options to renew old agreements are limited.

Coronavirus Hampering Defense Contractor Operations, Reader Survey Finds

It’s harder to win business amid a pandemic, said one-third of industry respondents in a Defense One reader survey.

62% Disapprove of Trump’s Coronavirus Response, Reader Survey Finds

Most respondents feel “less safe” because of the president’s actions. Esper gets higher marks, but many fear premature reopening.

Pentagon’s Esper Was Too Slow With Coronavirus Response, Senate Democrats Say

In a letter, lawmakers accuse the SecDef of causing confusion, showing ‘dangerous misunderstanding’ of the virus, and harming readiness.

Leave the National Guard to the States, Says Top General

If Trump federalizes the Guard, they can’t help with law enforcement, says Gen. Lengyel.

General Takes Blame for ‘No Injuries’ Declaration After Jan. 8 Iran Strike

“I was never under any pressure at any time to shade this reporting,” CENTCOM’s Gen. Frank McKenzie told Congress. More than 100 troops later were diagnosed with TBI.

Graham Denies Threatening To Make Esper’s Life ‘Hell’ If He Cuts AFRICOM Troops

“No, I never said that,” Graham said in a brief phone call with Defense One. “It was a good conversation.”

Trump Targets Major Weapons Projects To Fund Wall

The funds will be drawn mainly from procurement for major programs like the F-35 fighter jet. $1.3 billion will come from the National Guard alone.

Amazon Will Protest JEDI Cloud Contract; Cites ‘Political Influence’

In July, Trump said he was "looking into" the $10 billion contract, which went to Microsoft last month.

Esper Assures Wary Senators He'll Keep Military Out of Politics

During his confirmation hearing, the SecDef nominee was asked about Trump, China, and Russia — and not Afghanistan, ISIS, or al-Qaeda.

Pentagon Official: We Didn’t Link Iran to al-Qaeda In Hill Briefings

“In these briefings, none of the officials mentioned al-Qa'ida or the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force,” DASD Mick Mulroy said.

Ep. 45: Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter

Carter sat down with Defense One to talk about China, what it takes to succeed in the Pentagon, how not to waste a $750 billion-dollar defense budget — and much more.