Defense Department

Biden To Ban Most Land Mines, Undoing Trump’s Loosened Restrictions

Advocates applauded the move, but urged a ban on the weapons on the Korean peninsula.

House Bill Would Allow Military to Perform, Fund Abortions

“Reproductive rights cannot and should not end when you put on our nation’s uniform,” Rep. Sara Jacobs said.

Training, Logistics Snafus Show How US Advisors Could Help Ukraine, Volunteers Say

Time, effort, and materiel are being wasted for lack of a little expertise, say two U.S. volunteers recently returned from the war-torn country.

Hicks: Today’s Russia Problem Mustn’t Distract from Tomorrow’s China Problem

An increasingly complex security environment is complicating the Pentagon’s efforts to ease tech firms’ frustrations.

US Needs Better Climate Forecasting, Wargaming, Report Finds

“Considerable work left to do” in Pentagon’s climate efforts.

China Tops Threats in New Defense Strategy

An unclassified fact sheet outlines the Pentagon’s long-awaited capstone strategic guidance.

Navy Gets Budget Bump But Fleet Would Shrink Under Biden Request

Increasing spending by just 5 percent and cutting two dozen ships, the Navy asks for modest budget changes as it wraps up a new fleet plan expected to be heavy on uncrewed vessels.

Let Us Retire 50-Year Old Radar Planes, Air Force Asks Congress

The E-7 Wedgetail is the “leading candidate” to replace the oft-grounded E-3 Sentry, if Congress approves the president’s 2023 budget request.

Biden’s $773B Request for Pentagon Stays Focused on China

As war rages in Europe, 2023 budget proposal continues the military’s shift from ground combat to high-tech weapons.

Teleworking DOD Civilians May Be Recalled to In-Person Work

Two years after the pandemic sent DOD into “maximum telework,” Thursday’s memo points the way toward a new new normal.


Inside the Air Force Chief’s Mission for Racial Equity

“There's still a lot to do,’ said Gen. C.Q. Brown, ‘...we didn't get here overnight, we're not gonna get out of here overnight.”

Reports of Sexual Assault, Harassment at Military Academies Spike

The number of reports likely still represents only a small portion of actual instances of sexual assault and harassment.

Biden Should Shift US Troop Positions Worldwide

The crisis in Europe makes clear that Biden’s team should rethink their first National Defense Strategy, quickly.

What’s Taking So Long? Rename Those Confederate Bases

It shouldn’t be this hard or require this political theater to do what’s right, right now.

To Get Better at AI, Get Better at Finding AI Talent

The military branches need to coordinate on goals and means of cultivating people who can advance the use of artificial intelligence.