Russian Strike on US Drone Reflects a 'More Aggressive' Intercept Pattern, Milley Says

The MQ-9 UAV sank so deep into the Black Sea that it’s difficult to recover, the Joint Chiefs chairman added.

Russian Jet Hits US Drone Over the Black Sea

The MQ-9 crashed after an Su-27 dumped fuel on it and then struck its propellor, U.S. officials said.

The Reaper UAV Is Getting Its Own Drone Swarm

Air Force special operators are rigging the venerable uncrewed aircraft with an ISR swarm that may take just one person to control.

Medevac Drone-Boat, Record-Setting UAV to Play in Sprawling Maritime Exercise

The U.S.-led IMX and Cutlass Express events will take place from the Mideast to East Africa.

One Year In: What Are The Lessons from Ukraine For The Future Of War?

From drones to network attacks to the LikeWar of social media, the conflict marks a turning point from old to new.

Got New Autonomous Tech? The Army Wants to See It

Officials are gathering candidates for a second autonomous-tech assessment: air-ground robots, voice-guided technology, and more.  

Biden Says Objects Shot Down Over Weekend Likely Not Chinese Spy Craft

White House wants to lead dialogue on “global norms” for unmanned flying objects.

White House Launches Effort to Examine Policy Choices for Shooting Down UFOs

NORTHCOM has changed radar settings to get “better fidelity on seeing slower objects,” general says.

US Shoots Down ‘Objects’ Off Alaska Coast, Over Canada, Lake Huron

White House was worried object on Friday posed “potential hazard to civilian air traffic.”

China Gears Up To Shoot Down US Drones

Its military-industrial complex is already working on a list of technologies needed to fight off swarms of UAS.

China’s Balloon May Have Taught the US More Than Beijing Learned From It, General Says

Still, NORAD’s chief says the U.S. military took “precautions,” including “non-kinetic effects.”

Is This New Microwave Weapon the Answer to Iranian Drones?

Army awards $66 million to develop weapon that can fry drone bits in the air.

UFO Sightings By US Troops Surge

Intelligence officials cite recent efforts to reduce the stigma of reporting odd aerial phenomena. Many cases remain unexplained.