U.S. Conducts Airstrike on ISIS-K Planner in Afghanistan

Embassy issues second warning to Americans at Kabul airport gate: ‘Leave immediately.’

Sanctions Won’t Hurt Iran’s UAV Program

The Biden administration should rethink its approach—and its real goals in the region.

Bird-Mimicking Electric Drone Hits New Endurance Record

As the military grapples with connecting more things over longer distances, recent flight reveals a way forward.

Researchers Create Drone Swarms That Can Detect Gas Leaks, Other Threats

A new algorithm called “Sniffy Bug” shows how tiny drones will do dangerous work even in areas where they can’t use GPS.

Israel’s Drone Swarm Over Gaza Should Worry Everyone

It’s time global leaders set new rules for these future weapons already being used to kill.

Navy Drone Refuels Fighter Jet, a Key Step Toward Adding UAVs to Carrier Wings

The MQ-25 T1 Stingray is slated for tests on an aircraft carrier later this year ahead of a planned 2025 deployment.

Army SOF Units Are Getting Smaller, More Self-Reliant as Focus Shifts to China, Russia

New adversaries, warfare concepts, and gear are also driving special operators to become more tech-savvy.

Red Cross Calls for More Limits on Autonomous Weapons

Experts said the group’s unique stature might get governments to the negotiating table at last.

Redraw the Limits on Lethal Force Against Terror Groups

As the Biden administration reviews policies for use of lethal force outside war zones, it must be certain it’s not perpetuating a cycle of “forever wars.”

Drones Could One Day Make Up 40% of a Carrier Air Wing, Navy Says

The Department’s new unmanned plan directs focus not just on drones but on their “enabling technologies.”

AI-Powered Drones Emerge as R&D Priority for Boeing

As the company cuts costs in other areas, a new drone flew for the first time last week.

Russia Is Working to Pair Combat Jets and Drones, Too

In moves to match the U.S. military, experiments are aimed at producing mixed air regiments that are tied into a wider battlefield network.

Intel Agency Worker Pushed His Own Drone Company, Report Details

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency inspector general found one of its employees accessed classified and proprietary data, trying to cheat competitors.

2021 Is the Year the Small Drone Arms Race Heats Up

The cat-and-mouse of drone defense and offense is entering a new phase.