Shark Tank Kyiv? Investors hunt ‘war-winning’ tech in Ukraine

Fund managers say Ukraine is a major opportunity, but also that they must overcome investor concerns over security and corruption.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 141: Year in review

We take stock of our last 12 months of interviews, featuring conversations with generals, White House officials, researchers, authors, our own reporters, and many more.


The Navy has its first giant robotic submarine

The Boeing-made vessel will now undergoing trials that will inform future robo subs.

Science & Tech

DARPA puts millions behind effort to power drones with ground-based lasers

Raytheon gets $10 million to develop energy “webs” that could keep drones in the air indefinitely.

Defense Systems

Use more drones, US tells allies, partners

Especially at sea, and especially in the Indo-Pacific region, the Pentagon’s top regional official said.


Deadly but tricky to fly, suicide drones have Ukraine putting thousands of soldiers through pilot training

Private schools are churning out troops who can use hobbyist racing quadcopters as deadly loitering munitions.

Science & Tech

Can troops with 3D printers save the Pentagon’s mass-drone vision?

Big defense contractors aren’t jumping at the chance to make cheap drones. It might be up to the troops.