An Army drone branch? Idea advances in House subcommittee

Tactical and Land Forces panel’s NDAA proposal would also fund 3 “unfunded priorities.”

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Drones could guide every bit of an Army division’s firepower, 101st CO says

From mortars to missiles, the airborne unit is rethinking the use of uncrewed systems in the kill chain.

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Marine logistics battalions to get resupply drones by 2028

Each unit will receive three to six small cargo drones, part of the Corps' effort to become lighter and more agile.

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New details give Replicator a distinct Ukrainian flavor

First purchases announced in Pentagon's plan to acquire thousands of drones.

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Giant military manta ray drone passes first ocean test

Manta Ray prototype demonstrates propulsion, steering in step toward “real-world operations.”


Anduril, General Atomics win more USAF money to develop robot wingmen

But the giants they beat out are welcome to pitch self-developed drones for production contracts.


Why we can shoot down Iranian drones over Israel but not Ukraine

The different outcomes of the weekend’s attacks on Tel Aviv and Kharkiv reflect factors practical and political.