US Trails China in Key Tech Areas, New Report Warns

Ex-Google, DOD leaders paint dire picture unless U.S. organizes to win technology races.

Iran Tries To Steal More Drone Boats In Mideast Waters

The crew tried to hide the drones under tarps as a U.S. helicopter approached, a U.S. defense official said.

Ukraine War Reveals Need for More Anti-Drone Tech, US Army Says

The service’s expectations are built on Middle Eastern experience. That isn’t going to work.

Russia Is Training Drone Hobbyists to Fight in Ukraine

The effort to replenish depleted Russian forces blurs the line between civilians and military combatants.

The US Navy Is Testing 5G For Future Forward Operating Bases

From drone-deployed 5G networks to digital twinning, a small 5G pilot is rewriting the rules for battlefield connectivity.

Self-Driving Cars Could Soon See Much Better

Advances in laser range-finding could enable much smarter smart vehicles.

Russia Seems to Be Running Low on Drones

The Russian military wrote the book on tactical drones in 2014. Now its leaders are begging foreign partners and regional officials to help replace downed UAVs.

We Need a New Law to Counter Domestic Drone Threats

The White House sent Congress a plan to protect Americans. It’s not a moment too soon for lawmakers to act.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 99: The role of drones in Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Two drone researchers explain some of the lessons we’ve learned about drone-assisted warfare after almost three months of war in Ukraine.

What Have US Special Operators Learned from the Ukraine War?

The Army, for one, is considering creating a special-operations drone specialty.

Kyiv Asked for a New Kamikaze Drone to Fight Russia. The Air Force Delivered Phoenix Ghost

At least 121 of the new drones are headed to Ukraine as part of the latest $800 million security package.

More Nuclear, Less Ground Attack in Biden’s Air Force Budget Request

The 2023 spending proposal calls for retiring 150 planes, shifting funds, and reconfiguring for possible war with China or Russia.

The ‘No-Fly Zone’ Test

Want to put U.S. or allied aircraft over Ukraine? Answer these questions first.

Send in the Quadcopters: Arm Ukrainian Citizens with Simple Drones

Ukrainians are already using consumer-grade drones to spot Russian forces. We should send more of them.