More Nuclear, Less Ground Attack in Biden’s Air Force Budget Request

The 2023 spending proposal calls for retiring 150 planes, shifting funds, and reconfiguring for possible war with China or Russia.

The ‘No-Fly Zone’ Test

Want to put U.S. or allied aircraft over Ukraine? Answer these questions first.

Send in the Quadcopters: Arm Ukrainian Citizens with Simple Drones

Ukrainians are already using consumer-grade drones to spot Russian forces. We should send more of them.

Where Are Russia’s Drones?

The Ukraine invasion offers scant evidence of the Russian military’s hard-won prowess with unmanned aircraft.

Drones Shooting Microwave Rays Could Be the Drone Killers of Tomorrow

Moving away from vacuum tubes is making microwave weapons smaller and smarter.

Navy Puts AI, Unmanned Systems to the Test in Five-Sea, 60-Nation Exercise

Multiple scenarios will allow participants to explore the naval potential of remote sensing and more.

Anduril Buys Robotic Submarine Maker Dive Technologies

The company says its technologies will allow it to become a player in the undersea domain.

After 20 Years of Civilian Drone Strike Deaths, Pentagon Creates An Office to Stop More

The military keeps repeating mistakes and is not ready for future fights because the lessons learned have not been instilled throughout the DOD, an independent review found.

Bear, Meet Porcupine: Unconventional Deterrence for Ukraine

By "going porcupine," Ukraine can make it clear to Russia that invasion will be costly and unsuccessful. But Kyiv needs help.

My Children Live in Fear of US Drones

It is time to end America’s use of airstrikes that too often kill the innocent.

How Loitering Munitions Can Help Counter China

“Suicide drones” are already tapped to fill various roles, but more are needed, and faster.

General Atomics Unveils New Drone That Carries 16 Hellfire Missiles 

The Mojave, marketed for special forces, doesn’t need a traditional runway to launch.

The Inventor of the Taser and the Body Cam Wants to Put Them on Drones

His pitch: non-lethal, robotically deployed Tasers can change the face of war.

AUSA Conference Wire: Connect Everything

New: a weapons-testing lab just for networking. Coming up: a wargame featuring a battalion of unmanned vehicles.