The Flying Car Of the Future Looks to Flying Cars of the Past

The Air Force is close to testing an experimental vertical takeoff prototype under its new program.

Will Flying Cars Help the US Beat China? The Air Force Hopes So

Service officials say giving American manufacturers first-mover advantage is just as important as the military benefits of vertical-lift buses.

The Pentagon Is Spending Millions on Hunter Drones With Nets

Shooting drones down over cities isn’t ideal. Nabbing them in midair is an intriguing alternative.

When Both Sides Have Drones, How Do You Know Which Ones to Kill?

The U.S. Army recently tested a system that helps defenders wipe the skies of just the unfriendly aerial robots.

Pentagon Wants to Spark an American Small-Drone Industry

Acquisition chief Ellen Lord wants domestic options for small UAVs— and for defensive systems that can bring them down.

US Is Moving Too Slowly to Harness Drones and AI, Former SOCOM Commander Says

Tony Thomas says he wishes he’d spent less time growing his command and more time pushing it to embrace new technology.

Dept. of Interior Grounds Its Chinese-Made Drones

Agency leaders green-lit the purchases in July despite warnings from DHS and outside experts that Beijing might collect data from the drones.

US Marines Try Using Drones to Bring Blood to Battle

The light unmanned aircraft made hundreds of supply drops during recent Australian live-fire wargames.

New Tech Promises to Stop Drones from Overflying Stadiums — and Find the People Flying Them

Raytheon says its products helped police nab four flying drones over an outdoor concert.

US to Deploy Anti-Drone Defenses Along US-Mexico Border

The manufacturer says its Titan system hijacks incoming drones' control signals, then tells them to land or return to base.

Time to Harden International Norms on Armed Drones

Progress on widely accepted rules has been as slow as the technological advancement has been fast.

US Testing Autonomous Border-Patrol Drones

Planck Aerosystems gets funding to try its small rotorcraft in operational environments over the next three to six months.

How AI Will Help Radar Detect Tiny Drones 3 Kilometers Away

Small drones are becoming a big problem. Here’s how next-generation neural networking techniques could help.

Interior Dept. Will Buy Chinese Drones Despite Spy Concerns

Agency officials say they have taken various technical precautions to keep DJI from gathering intelligence with their drones.

Russian Troops Will Be Getting Tactical Bomb Drones

Having learned from ISIS attacks in Syria, Russia is rushing to put armed drones on the front lines.

How the Pentagon Nickel-and-Dimed Its Way Into Losing a Drone

The lion’s share of the U.S. drone fleet is easy prey for advanced air defenses. It didn’t have to be that way.