UFO Sightings By US Troops Surge

Intelligence officials cite recent efforts to reduce the stigma of reporting odd aerial phenomena. Many cases remain unexplained.

NASA, Northrop Drawing Up the Future of Drone Cargo Jets

Before pilotless airlifters can deliver your packages, the government needs to model how they’ll interact with everything else in the air.

Explosions at Russian Air Bases May Change Several Nations’ Calculations

Moscow says Ukraine converted old Soviet drones into long-range weapons that struck hundreds of miles inside Russian territory.

US Sending Ukraine 200 Generators, Anti-Drone Machine Guns

After Russian attacks cause rolling blackouts, the West rushes backup energy, ammunition, and counter-drone tech.

“Wonder Weapons” Will Not Win Russia’s War

Russia’s turn to kamikaze drones is premised on a flawed strategy.

Here’s the Last Hurdle Keeping Subs from Being Drone Motherships

The unmanned underwater vehicles need software that enables them to come back aboard via torpedo tube.