The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing

“I don’t know what went wrong,” a former CDC chief told The Atlantic.


We Can Still Avoid the Worst-Case Coronavirus Scenario

The spread of COVID-19 may be inevitable, but the choices we make now will determine how bad the outbreak will get.


F-35 Factory in Japan Shuts Down Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

An F-35 plant in Italy has also been affected by virus-related restrictions.


The Official Numbers on the Coronavirus Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It

Because the U.S. data on coronavirus infections are so deeply flawed, the quantification of the outbreak obscures more than it illuminates.


How an AI Sent an Early Warning about the Coronavirus Outbreak

BlueDot’s algorithm draws on news stories, disease-tracking networks, and even airline ticketing. But such tools are hardly foolproof.


The US Should Send More, Not Fewer, Troops to West Africa

America’s interests and unique security partnerships in this burgeoning region argue for more help, not less.


Epidemics Reveal the Truth of the Societies They Hit

A nation’s response to disaster speaks to its strengths—and to its dysfunctions.


Missteps at CDC Set Back US Ability to Detect Coronavirus' Spread

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designed a flawed test for COVID-19, then took weeks to release a fix that allowed state and local labs to use it.


The Federal Government Needs a Military-Style Campaign Against the Coronavirus

A longtime infectious disease specialist says such campaigns are effective against these kinds of infectious diseases because the way viruses operate fits, conceptually. into a military model.


You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus

Most cases are not life-threatening, which is also what makes the virus a historic challenge to contain.


Trump Is Ill-Suited to Respond to the Coronavirus Outbreak

A crisis that is heading into its third month could draw out every personal and managerial failing that the president has shown to this point.


China’s Chernobyl Never Seems to Arise

Democracy is unlikely to break out in Beijing, but the coronavirus crisis may create an opening for a softer form of authoritarianism.


How China Is Working to Quarantine the Truth About the Coronavirus

The authoritarian playbook — censor, distract, lie — is on full display.


As Coronavirus Spreads, China’s Military Is Largely MIA

The PLA’s anemic participation is odd given its past performance, planning, and pronouncements.


Under Trump, US Is Less Ready for Infectious Disease Outbreaks Like Coronavirus

The administration has cut CDC funding and disbanded the White House's own global health security team.


The US Needs to Whip Its Disaster-Response Plans Into Shape

It's time to digest the lessons of Haiti and Ebola and get ready for the mega disasters ahead.

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Military's Ebola Vaccine Tests Safe

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Back From Midterms, Congress To Take Up NDAA, VA Reform, Ebola and ISIS

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