Defund the Europeans

The U.S. never intended its German garrison to be permanent.

Cool It With the ‘America In Decline’ Talk

Clear-eyed assessment, not reductive defeatism, is required to develop a foreign policy that meets U.S. interests.

Estonia Already Lives Online. Why Can’t the United States?

Using secure identification, people there can bank, apply for government assistance, file for sick leave, order prescriptions, and get medical care—all online.

A Foreign General Is Helping to Lead US Army Europe. Other Commands Should Take Heed

The German military sends its best to serve as an American general’s chief of staff, to everyone’s benefit.

The Pandemic’s Geopolitical Aftershocks Are Coming

Western capitals aren’t just worried about the risk of a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

Europe Was Just Getting Better at Moving Militaries

With Russia, China, and the coronavirus to worry about, reliably being able to move allied forces across the continent should remain a priority.

We Need an Atlantic Charter for the Post-Coronavirus Era

This moment presents a once-in-a-century opportunity for American leaders to wrest a better future.

No Military Has Done More for Corona-Stricken Allies Than Germany’s

The Bundeswehr has been flying supplies to, and medevacing patients from, its European neighbors.

America’s Allies Are Becoming a Nuclear-Proliferation Threat

Some of the United States' oldest allies are considering the once-unthinkable: building their own nuclear weapons.

F-35 Factories In Italy, Japan Are Reopening After Closing for Coronavirus

An assembly plant in Japan is already open and another in Italy is expected to reopen on Wednesday.

Pentagon Suspends Troop Travel in Affected Countries; Trump Limits Travel from Mainland Europe

Defense Secretary orders 60-day ban on troops, civilians, and families traveling “to, from, or through” Germany, South Korea, Italy, France, others.

As Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Doctors Are Forced to Choose Who Gets Care

With patients overflowing hospitals, a leading medical organization offers guidance for military-style triage, including: deny care to people too old to be likely to recover.

The West Can’t Even Agree on Itself, Much Less China

At the Munich Security Conference, allies argued with each other as much as their adversaries, rejecting Trump administration views on issue after issue.

America Is Alone in Its Cold War With China

If the Trump administration is truly going all-in on competition with Beijing, it’s not clear that Trump himself is fully on board. Nor, it’s now clear, are several of America’s closest friends.

The Corrosion of World Order in the Age of Donald Trump

Can the world still work together to address today’s most pressing global challenges?

The US Should Accept Russia’s Proposed Moratorium on Post-INF Missiles

The temporary measure has no near-term downside — and may jumpstart important arms-control talks.

Trump’s Iran Strategy Isn’t Working as Well as He Thinks

The killing of Qassem Soleimani upended expectations in useful ways, but the U.S. isn’t in a position to capitalize on the turmoil.