Why France Is Getting No Sympathy for Its Lost Sub Deal

Its European neighbors have long bristled at Paris’ self-dealing and aggressive sales tactics.

Europe Should Drop the Act on Afghanistan

The region is stuck believing in a past that never was and a future it doesn’t have the will to bring about.

Italy’s Carabinieri Were the Perfect Force for the Kabul Evacuation

The soldier-policemen of this hybrid outfit went outside the wire to bring thousands to safety.

The Next Big Refugee Crisis Just Started

The U.S. and its partners should respond to the needs of displaced Afghans, for national security reasons and long-term opportunities.

NATO Must Shore Up Control of a Key Maritime Chokepoint

Independence movements along the GIUK Gap could leave the alliance short of key bases and influence.

A US-German ‘Window of Opportunity’ Is Closing, Experts Warn

If Biden is to persuade Germany — and NATO's European allies — to take a more aggressive stance toward China, he may have to do it before Angela Merkel steps down.

British Defense Secretary Vows to Fix Tank that Deafens Troops

Wallace is to meet with the CEO of General Dynamics, maker of the Ajax light tank.

Plywood Satellite Cleared for Space Launch

The WISA Woodsat could reduce space debris by using materials that will burn as they fall back into Earth’s atmosphere.

Information Warfare Looms Larger in Russia’s New Security Strategy

Kremlin’s first update in six years decries foreign influence, calls for more Russian info ops.

French, U.S. Special Forces Agree to Beef Up Partnership in Africa

The new agreement shows that counterterrorism will still be a top focus for the Pentagon.

Swiss Pick F-35 to Replace Old Fighter Jets

The Lightning II beat out the Boeing Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale, and Eurofighter Typhoon.

Black Sea Incident Shows Russia's Determination to Claim Waters Illegally

The British warship was conducting a freedom-of-navigation exercise when it was harassed by Russian forces.

What Really Happened in the Black Sea? A Victory for Russian Disinformation

The global tempest around the June 23 incident reminds us of our responsibility to verify before we share.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 84: Biden, Europe and the future of transatlantic security

Three experts unpack the opportunities and challenges ahead for Europe and the U.S. in 2021.

NATO May Train Afghan Special Operators in Europe

But experts say training may suffer after Western troops withdraw.