NSA woos talent with flexibility in workday, careers, director says

A spy agency that assumed employees would stick around for decades is getting comfortable with ones who come and go, Nakasone said in an interview.

Deadly but tricky to fly, suicide drones have Ukraine putting thousands of soldiers through pilot training

Private schools are churning out troops who can use hobbyist racing quadcopters as deadly loitering munitions.

NATO innovation accelerator announces first class of startups to get help

The alliance is looking to support tech development on the European side of the Atlantic.

Pentagon to give Pratt & Whitney sole-source F-35 engine upgrade work

Company declares itself on track to deliver preliminary design for January review.

In race to make artillery shells, US, EU see different results

DOD’s early success may founder on Congressional inaction, while Europe’s private firms await orders.

L3Harris eyes 2025 for F-16 EW production

Viper Shield will enable international customers to detect more than one enemy.

‘We’re staying away from Gaza’: Palpable silence at the Dubai Air Show

As Israel-Hamas war rages, officials and exhibitors steered clear of the topic.

Boeing aims to 'stabilize’ defense business as it pitches Mideast countries

New commercial sales and a NATO purchase cheer company officials after a downbeat earnings call.

A drone-maker’s dilemma illustrates Ukraine’s struggle to get key arms

Fortem could feed Kyiv’s hunger for anti-drone defenses—if it could find funding for a second production line, the company says.