Exclusive Interview: Lockheed’s CEO Wants His Company to Connect All the Pentagon’s Weapons

Jim Taiclet has been forming alliances with commercial firms in an attempt to give Lockheed a leg up over its competitors.

British Defense Secretary Vows to Fix Tank that Deafens Troops

Wallace is to meet with the CEO of General Dynamics, maker of the Ajax light tank.

Plywood Satellite Cleared for Space Launch

The WISA Woodsat could reduce space debris by using materials that will burn as they fall back into Earth’s atmosphere.

Shipbuilder Warns of Layoffs if Biden Doesn’t Buy More Destroyers

Bath Iron Works told Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks it will need to cut its workforce by 2,500 if more ships aren’t ordered soon.

Pentagon Cancels JEDI Cloud Contract

The Defense Department will opt for a new multibillion-dollar, multi-vendor contract.

Swiss Pick F-35 to Replace Old Fighter Jets

The Lightning II beat out the Boeing Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale, and Eurofighter Typhoon.

Congress Needs a Global Competition Caucus

Today’s legislative stovepipes are hobbling America’s ability to compete with China.

US Needs to Defend Its Artificial Intelligence Better, Says Pentagon No. 2

AI safety is often overlooked in the private sector, but Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks wants the Defense Department to lead a cultural change.

JEDI Cloud Update Coming Soon, Says Pentagon's No. 2

Kathleen Hicks said the department is assessing just how it will buy large-scale cloud services.