Pentagon Orders Texas Contractors to Mandate Vaccines for Employees, Despite Governor’s Ban

The Defense Department says the federal contractor vaccine order supersedes state laws.

Defense Firms Pitch Arms, Gear to an Army Looking for Relevance in the Pacific

On Wednesday, Lockheed Martin will attempt to fire a new weapon nearly 500 kilometers.

Bell Picks Rolls-Royce Engine for V-280 Valor in Army Black Hawk Replacement Contest

The move dramatically increases the horsepower of the V-280 over the General Electric engines it uses today.

Lockheed Opens New Hypersonic Weapons Factory In Alabama

The manufacturing plant is the third digital factory opened by the world’s largest defense contractor this year.

Air Force Chief Anticipates ‘Something Special’ for B-21 Public Debut

The Raider is still on schedule to make its first test flight with the next year, Air Force chief says.

Defense Business Board Relaunches After Pentagon Review

Former Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James named chair of the diverse advisory board.

Federal Contractors Must Show Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination by Dec. 8

Companies doing business with the federal government must name a person to coordinate implementation and compliance with the vaccine mandate for covered employees.  

Just Half of Workers at Two Critical Shipyards Are Vaccinated

The sobering numbers offer a snapshot of defense contractors’ struggle to get workers vaccinated.

Trump’s Red, White & Blue Air Force One Paint Job is Not Final, General Says

The concept image is “just something that’s on a paper,” according to Air Force acquisition official.

Why France Is Getting No Sympathy for Its Lost Sub Deal

Its European neighbors have long bristled at Paris’ self-dealing and aggressive sales tactics.