UK ‘Absolutely’ Will Buy More F-35s, Procurement Minister Says

But Jeremy Quin declined to say whether the 138-jet goal remains unchanged.

New Small Aircraft Carrier Unlikely, Admiral Says As US Navy Begins New Assessment

Air warfare chief: “I believe the L-class ships operating with the F-35B fit that bill.”

Biden Should Shoot This Acquisition Down

Lockheed’s purchase of Aerojet Rocketdyne would strike a blow to competition and innovation.

DARPA Aims to Boost US Manufacturing of Certain Chips

Better processes for converting general-purpose chips to specialized ones would pay big dividends, agency says.

DARPA Seeks Chips that Can Crunch Data Without Decrypting It

Current methods of doing "fully homomorphic encryption" require too much computing power to be used widely.

Shoring Up The Metals Supply Chain

The Biden administration is bent on increasing critical metals supplies, but it’s overlooking an obvious source: the ocean.

Approve Lockheed’s Purchase of Aerojet Rocketdyne

The deal would bolster the rocketmaker’s ability to serve aerospace and defense clients and shore up a shaky industrial base.

Lockheed-Aerojet Deal Clears Another Hurdle

Aerojet Rocketdyne shareholders approved plans for the $4 billion sale that Lockheed claims will save the U.S. $100 million annually. But the FTC is still reviewing.

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Quid Pro Quo

Require companies to disclose breaches to the government in exchange for legal liability limitations.

DARPA to Hire Biz Execs to Help Its Researchers Take Tech to Market

In a cooperative effort with In-Q-Tel, 150 research teams will get funds to help develop go-to-market strategies.

AI-Powered Drones Emerge as R&D Priority for Boeing

As the company cuts costs in other areas, a new drone flew for the first time last week.

Air Force General: If US Doesn’t Hurry to Build New Fighter, China Will

A test version of the highly classified Next Generation Air Dominance aircraft flew last year.