Air Force Working Closely with New-Jet Designers, Secretary Says

Service engineers are “living in the same design space” as the two companies doing NGAD development, Frank Kendall said.

USAF Opens Bidding to Build Its 1st New Fighter in Decades

An engineering and manufacturing development contract is to be awarded in 2024 for the secretive Next Generation Air Dominance aircraft.

USAF Sees '100 Roles' for Its Robot Wingmen—and Firms Are Lining Up to Make Them

Air Force procurement chief offers the most detailed description yet of the collaborative combat aircraft program.

Navy Has Fixed the Gears of Nearly Half of Its Freedom-Class Littoral Combat Ships

Eight ships have yet to get the combining-gear fix, including three the Navy wants to retire in two years.

Navy, Shipyards Settle Dispute that Delayed Submarine Orders

It’s unclear how the sides came to agreement, or just how late the two Virginia-class subs will eventually arrive.

The Pentagon Wants to Peer Inside Its Cloud Providers’ Infrastructure

Recent leaks have the CIO’s office contemplating red teams and more IP scanning.

Lockheed Reorganizes Its Space Division, Adding Plans to Sell Satellite Parts to Other Companies

The moves reflect the growing space market and particularly the military’s demand for speed.

Space Force Hopes to Recoup Costs of Commercial Launches

A law that limits launch fees is under reconsideration as more private companies use government facilities to send rockets skyward.

New Software Aims to Allow Fewer Troops to Manage More Drones

Anduril says its product will enable U.S. forces to employ more capable, more autonomous—and just plain more—drones.