Navy secretary blasts defense industry’s stock buybacks

Del Toro says contractors should invest their record profits in American shipyards and industrial base.


Our industrial strength is a deterrent

Technological change requires a more resilient defense industrial ecosystem. The Pentagon's new strategy will help.


Lockheed vows steady F-35 production amid demand shifts

The Pentagon is reportedly considering a cut to next year’s order but international interest continues to rise.


'Unexpected’ engineering slows price negotiations on USAF radar plane

Air Force officials thought the E-7 would more closely resemble UK’s Wedgetails.


Air Force will narrow its pool of robot wingman vendors within ‘next few months’

The service might be able to pick three companies for the next stage of the competition—if industry shares some of the cost burden.

Defense Systems

The Navy is building dashboards for its connect-everything effort

A conversation with Rebellion Defense about its new contract for Project Overmatch.


Expect China to attack US infrastructure within 3 years, MITRE CTO says

The US needs to figure out how to disconnect its industrial-control systems from its networks—and fast, says a top leader of the defense R&D not-for-profit.


All Pentagon contracts should secure data rights, says advisory board

The Defense Innovation Board would like Congress to "enshrine DOD data access and rights in all vendor agreements.”


Army aims to double 155mm shell production by October

But hitting next year’s goal of 100,000 shells per month will require Congress to approve a Ukraine aid bill.


USAF tried an electric plane. Now it wants to buy

A three-month test of the battery-powered ALIA has the service looking to move ahead.


2023 sees new record for US government-to-government arms exports, boosted by Ukraine aid

The year’s $80.9 billion total for Foreign Military Sales is up more than half from the previous year.


Questions surround Russia's stealthy combat drone

Publicly unveiled in 2019, an early version of the Sukhoi-made Okhotnik-B has already made its combat debut in Ukraine.


Northrop to eat $1.2B on B-21 program

The CEO says the company has now learned not to underbid on fixed-price contracts.


Inside Space Force's budget priorities and spending patterns

In the past 12 months, the youngest service has awarded contracts worth an estimated $11.9 billion.