Marine Corps

The Navy Put Its Next Amphib on Hold. Good.

The proposal to build a slow and combat-shy Light Amphibious Warship raises questions about a key Marine Corps operating concept.

Pentagon Rescinds COVID-Vaccine Mandate

The move was required by the 2023 defense policy bill. Troops who were ejected for refusing the vaccine may petition for a change in their discharge status.

The US Army Can Be the Joint Force's Contact Layer in the Pacific

Team a multi-domain task force with U.S. Army Forces Japan to keep tabs on China, boost deterrence, and—if necessary—fight until reinforcements arrive.

Pentagon Scrambles to Prep New COVID Rules as Vaccine Mandate Nears End

Vaccine-refusal separations are on hold as DOD develops “further guidance.”

Omnibus Bill Would Add 3 Warships, Save 9 from Retirement

Lawmakers tinkered with the Navy’s shipbuilding plan in the proposed 2023 omnibus bill.

Amphibious Warship To Be Named for Fallujah Battles

The 45,000 metric-ton ship will be the first Navy vessel to honor a post-9/11 battle.

For DOD, 2023 Is All About Proving It Can Build A Tactical Cloud

The plan is to develop and deploy a prototype, possibly in the Pacific region, in the next six months. The newly awarded Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability will help.

Special Report

‘Broken Culture’ Keeps Troops at Risk of Sexual Assault, Advocates Say

They wonder whether real change is possible before today’s leaders age out and leave.

Woke-ism ‘Not a Factor’ in the Marine Corps, Commandant Says

“I don’t see it. I don’t hear it. They’re not talking about it,” Gen. David Berger said at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

As Marines’ Arms and Gear Flow to Ukraine, Corps Keeps Close Tabs on Its Own Stocks, Commandant Says

Service leaders have “healthy” discussions with defense secretary during aid-package planning, Berger said.

Special Report

After a Spike in Sexual Assaults on Troops, Is Real Change on the Way?

The 2023 defense policy bill will close a prosecutorial loophole that advocates say has been preventing justice for victims of rape, harassment, and other crimes.