Marine Corps

What's at stake as Congress hashes out the 2024 defense budget

A guide to the biggest differences between proposals for the four-months-late defense appropriations bill.

Marine Corps to field squad-level loitering munitions by 2027

The Corps’ experience with logistics drones is yielding valuable lessons on deconflicting with friendly aircraft.

Software delay will reduce F-35 deliveries for a second straight year

Lockheed says the TR-3 upgrade, due last year, has slipped to third quarter of 2024.

What the US military can learn from Ukrainian command posts

Two foreign volunteer soldiers described operations centers in frontline Ukraine, from surviving Russian missiles to managing drone feeds.

Industry isn’t building enough parts for upgraded F-35s, DOD says

Lawmakers said the Technology Refresh-3 upgrade is headed for a nearly $1B cost overrun.

Pentagon grounds all Ospreys, one week after deadly crash

Investigators suspect a “potential materiel failure” may have caused the Nov. 29 mishap off Japan.

Lawsuit could further delay F-35 deliveries

Lockheed is suing a key supplier of titanium structural parts.

Hundreds of promotions approved after Tuberville drops hold

Senate swiftly approves 425 officers’ advancement, but 11 four-star jobs remain in limbo.

Pentagon to give Pratt & Whitney sole-source F-35 engine upgrade work

Company declares itself on track to deliver preliminary design for January review.