Marine Corps

COVID-19 Outbreak Hits USMC Officer Candidates School

Group is first to do pre-training quarantine at home instead of at school.

The Marines Are Looking for a Few Older People

The Corps’ shift to a lighter, distributed force requires skills and judgment that may be easier to recruit than build, training chief says.

US Marines Must Relearn to Protect Pacific Supply Lines, Commandant Says

As a backup, Berger says, troops must learn to “forage” for some supplies.

The Kabul Airlift in 5 Charts

The largest emergency airlift ever handled by the U.S. military started slowly and built to a torrent.

Calculating the Costs of the Afghanistan War

The war in Afghanistan, like many other wars before it, began with optimistic assessments of a quick victory and the promise to rebuild at war’s end.

Marine Corps Commandant Wants Review of Afghanistan Evacuation

“While it's relatively fresh in our minds, we need the honest, open critique,” Gen. Berger says.

Inside the Final Hours at Kabul Airport

Alone on the airfield after hundreds of other U.S. troops had left, five handpicked joint tactical exfiltration crews blew up the last remaining defenses and took off in the dark.

The Final Retrograde from Afghanistan Has Officially Begun

The threat to U.S. personnel, aircraft in the final days at Kabul airport remains “very real” after a retaliatory U.S. drone strike took out two ISIS-K planners.

13 US Troops Killed, More Injured, in Terrorist Attack at Kabul Airport

10 Marines among the dead; they were securing one of the last gates open for Afghans, Americans to escape.