Marine Corps

Ukraine War Offers Clues to Future War, Joint Chiefs Chairman Says

Don’t expect any more tank columns massing on highways like sitting ducks.

No Abortion Access for 40 Percent of Female Troops, Study Finds

RAND says it’s “not unreasonable” that the lack of abortion access will make women more likely to leave service.

Get to Know the Middle Tier of Awesome…Er, Acquisition

Speeding good ideas into reality through rapid prototyping and fielding is awesome. Don’t let disbelievers muck it up.

Marines Hone Future Concepts with Dune Buggies, Liaison Officers, and Many Radios

The giant RIMPAC exercise helped the Corps test their newest type of agile unit within a multinational force.

‘We Need to Own the Heat The Way We Now Own Night,’ Pentagon Climate Leader Says

Tactical cooling vests and other adaptations will be needed as dangerous temperatures arrive on training ranges and in combat zones.

This Gen-Z Value Could Spell Trouble for Spec Ops Community

CNA looked at the leadership traits valued by today’s youth, special operators, and strategists of tomorrow.

Fail the Body-Fat Test, Marine? Ask for a High-Tech Recount

The Marine commandant says this and other new body-composition policies will help “maintain a healthy, ready force.”

Marine Ospreys Still Flying, Despite AFSOC Stand Down

Marine Corps says it has known about the hard clutch issue for 12 years, and is trained on how to respond to the failure.

The US Navy's Fleet Plan Has Two Strikes Against It

A recent report about the plan is classified, which will hinder leaders’ efforts to talk about it, and the service lacks a confirmed acquisition chief.