Marine Corps

After 2 Rollovers, Marines Overhaul Amphibious Combat Vehicle Training

A brand-new unit will teach Marines to drive the vehicles through the surf.

Navy Shipbuilding Plan Draws Lawmakers’ Ire Anew

Like last year’s, the new long-range plan offers a three-option menu and fewer amphibs than Congress mandates.

The Navy Wants Drones to Counter China’s Gray-Zone Moves

CNO says the upcoming 4th Fleet experiments will inform an eventual move into Indo-Pacific operations.

Sea-Air-Space Conference Wire: Amphibs, Drones, and More

As the nation's largest naval conference opens just outside Washington, the leaders of the Navy and Marines disagree about just how and when to acquire amphibious warships.

Largest US Shipbuilder Expects More Profits From Drones, AI Than Surface Ships, Soon

The nation’s largest shipbuilder expects “mission tech” like AI and undersea drones to outpace revenue from surface combatants.

Navy, Marines Reevaluating Munition Stockpiles Due To Ukraine War

“Ukraine's war has taught us that we must transition from just-in-time stockpiles of weapons and munitions to just-in-case stockpiles,” Sen. Collins said.

Seapower Chairman Wants Answers on Amphib Fleet Funding

Sen. Tim Kaine also said he expects the Navy’s 30-year-shipbuilding plan this week.

This Ugly Dispute Over Amphibious Warships Didn’t Have to Happen

The Pentagon’s civilian leaders must spell out what they need to deter China.

‘Woke-ism’ Not an Issue, Top Military Leaders Say

Inclusion is actually a critical part of unit cohesion, Air Force chief and Marine commandant said.

Marine Makers: How I MEF Troops Are Putting 3D Printers to Work

From generator covers to car parts, a Marine describes how additive manufacturing helps his unit get on with its mission.

Is the LPD-17 Flight II Amphib Worth It? Depends Who You Ask

Navy officials say the amphibious ship is too expensive, while the top Marine calls it “affordable.”

The Marines Are Launching a Software Factory

We talked with Lt. Col. Charlie Bahk about plans to start up at the Army’s facility in Austin, Texas.

Interior Lines Will Make Land Power the Asymmetric Advantage in the Indo-Pacific

The Army is building compact lines of maneuver, communications, and logistics.

Navy On Path To Violate 31-Amphibious-Ship Requirement in 2024

Budget proposal asks Congress to allow ship retirements that lawmakers explicitly nixed last year.

The Pentagon’s 2024 Budget Proposal, In Short

The spending plan includes $315 billion to develop and buy new weapons.

Air Force Abandons New F-35 Engine in Favor of Upgrades

If approved by Congress, it’s a win for F-35 engine maker Pratt & Whitney and a blow to General Electric.