North Korea

Army General Wants More Missile Defense Within First Island Chain

“I don't think we have enough right now,” Maj. Gen. Vowell said.

US, S. Korea to Write New War Plan to Counter N. Korean Nukes, Missiles

During visit, defense chiefs also expected to announce Seoul will test for long-awaited operational control of joint forces in 2022.

North Korean Uranium Mining Picked Up From 2017 to 2020

Satellite photos show accelerated mining efforts but the meaning of the activity is still unclear.

Biden, Moon Seek Return to Normal After Four Years of ‘Chaotic’ Trump

But the U.S. and South Korean leaders remain far apart on topics from North Korea to human rights.

Don’t Divide the World Between Democracies and Autocracies

There are better ways to face our challenges than pushing for ideological blocs.

We Must Reorient US Cyber Strategy Around the Only Safe Assumption

We should assume adversaries are already in our networks — and Congress should take these five steps to mitigate the damage.

Kim Jong-un’s Shot Across Biden’s Bow

Last year was relatively quiet in U.S.-North Korean relations. That’s likely to change.

Biden Must Prioritize Missile Defense

The new president will be pressed to choose between short- and long-term improvements. The rise in threats mean he must pursue both.

In First, Navy Ship Shoots Down ICBM with SM-3 Interceptor

The test could set the stage for a new framework of missile interceptors in the Pacific.

North Korea Unveils ‘Very Destabilizing’ ICBM

Pyongyang’s new missile boosts the chance of conflict, even if it doesn’t work.

Assessing Trump’s National Security Record

How has he done against four main threats our nation faces?

N. Korean Hackers Upgraded Their Financial-Theft Tools, Feds Warn

The BeagleBoyz — tied to Pyongyang’s General Reconnaissance Bureau — are thought to have stolen some $2 billion since 2015.

No Orders To Reduce Troops in South Korea Yet, Esper Says

With traditional U.S. deployments still under review, the defense secretary announced he hopes to visit China by year’s end.

Trump’s Nuclear Policy Has Failed

Recognizing that blunders and bad ideas have undermined stability and security is the first step toward recovery.