New ICBM effort won’t slow down despite pledges to ‘restructure’ as costs balloon

Air Force says problems lie less with the Sentinel missile and more with its supporting infrastructure.


Air Force fires head of Sentinel ICBM program

Spokesman says Col. Charles Clegg's removal "is not directly related" to the program's ballooning costs.


It’s not too late to cancel the Pentagon’s next ICBM

Axing Sentinel would save hundreds of billions of dollars—and make America safer.


As new ICBMs' cost soars, a few lawmakers are trying to rein it in

A congressional working group on nuclear arms will hold a hearing in July on the budget-busting program.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 153: Behind the rise in global defense spending, Part 2: China and the Indo-Pacific

Why is the region in the middle of an arms race? And what do analysts think China is really spending on its military?


Russian space nuke could render low-Earth orbit unusable for a year, US official says

Pentagon’s space-policy leader noted with concern Moscow’s recent veto of a UN resolution against putting nuclear weapons in space.

Defense Systems

Air Force picks the builder of its next Doomsday planes

Sierra Nevada gets a $13 billion contract to replace the E-4B Nighthawk by 2036.