In Afghanistan, Is Sirajuddin Haqqani Ready for Peace?

In peace talks with the Afghan Taliban, the United States should not fail to address the evolution of the Haqqani-al-Qaeda nexus.

Pakistan Says It’s Cracking Down on Terrorists, Again

International pressure and an economic downturn are forcing Islamabad to take anti-India militants seriously.

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US Influence Over India-Pakistan Crisis in Question

Trump officials are working the phones, but “the U.S. position seems to be ‘You guys figure it out yourselves.’”

The US-China Cold War Is Now Playing Out in Pakistan

It is causing a long, tough re-negotiation over the terms of the relationship between Washington and Islamabad.

A Year On, Pakistan Still the Weak Link in US South Asia Strategy

The Trump administration's strategy has produced no definitive improvements along its pillars. Pakistan remains a safe haven for terrorist groups.

North Korea Wants to End up Like Pakistan, Not Libya

A poor country made enormous sacrifices to get nuclear weapons—and has them still.

America's Longest War—and the Ally That Fuels It

How Pakistan has perpetuated the Afghan conflict.

Pakistan Will Try to Make Trump Pay

The country has banked on being treated as too dangerous to fail. But this time could be different.

Will Pakistan Close NATO’s Supply Routes into Afghanistan? Mattis Plays Down Possibility

‘I’m not concerned,’ the defense secretary tells reporters after the White House announced an intention to suspend military aid to Islamabad.

Pakistan's Week Keeps Getting Worse

The administration suspended security aid for what it says is Islamabad’s failure to take “decisive action” against terrorists.

Trump's Belligerence Toward Pakistan Isn't Unreasonable

His threatening tweet might signal increased pressure on Islamabad for its support of Afghan militants.

How Pakistan Is Responding to Trump

Pushed by Trump, Tillerson, and Mattis to do more to fight terrorism, Pakistan has instead taken public steps to push back in recent weeks.

Inside Pakistan’s Biggest Business Conglomerate: The Pakistani Military

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How the US Can Pressure Pakistan

Can anything stop the South Asian nation’s support for militants?

Let's Not Kid Ourselves, India Will Not Win a War Against Pakistan

The reasons are many, including China's help accelerating Pakistan's nuclear technology, missile systems, and cyber and drone warfare capabilities.