There’s ‘still more work to be done’ for DOD on AI

The Pentagon has started to use the technology, but challenges lie ahead.

New details give Replicator a distinct Ukrainian flavor

First purchases announced in Pentagon's plan to acquire thousands of drones.

Too few planners understand what special operators can do today

No less than in yesterday’s era of counter-terrorism, SOF are indispensable in today’s great power competition.

Another US precision-guided weapon falls prey to Russian electronic warfare, US says

A U.S. defense official would not provide specifics, but is likely referring to Boeing’s Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb.

Prepositioned stocks will get new aid to Ukraine quickly, top US officer says

Aircraft are likely “already flying” material toward the beleaguered country, senior official says.

Doctors prefer Pentagon's old health-records system to its new one

User satisfaction "increased minimally" last year for MHS Genesis, the electronic-records system installed under a 2015 contract, a GAO survey found.

The AI revolution is already here

The U.S. military must grapple with real dilemmas that until recently seemed hypothetical.

Pentagon can’t force Starlink to block service to Russians, US official says

US is “taking steps” and “working through” the problem with SpaceX and Ukraine, space-policy leader says.

When can US spies buy your personal data? New guidelines are coming

The ODNI will soon release "extra safeguards" for protecting citizens' privacy when buying datasets, a top Pentagon lawyer says.


New bill would greatly expand Defense Department quantum efforts

Proposed legislation would establish a quantum advisor and a new center of excellence.

How to fix the military’s software SNAFU

Too many of its apps are built on code riddled with vulnerabilities—and distributed by the Pentagon itself.

Military could be directed to protect industry's satellites, Pentagon says

The Defense Department's first commercial space integration strategy says the military will take steps to “mitigate risks to commercial space actors.”

Top US Air Force official in Mideast outlines risks of Rafah invasion

AFCENT’s Grynkewich also says the future of warfare is playing out “in front of our very eyes.”

Pentagon will use commercial space assets in military operations, under new plan

The unclassified document aims “to be transparent” about what the military needs and how private companies fit in.