Senate panel moves to evade Tuberville's block on military nominations

The Rules Committee approved a temporary change to allow votes on large groups of nominees, but its fate before the whole Senate remains unclear.

India plans to make armored vehicles with US help, officials say

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the deal during a bilateral meeting with State Secretary Antony Blinken and Indian ministers of defense and external affairs.

'Influencers in uniform' are boosting recruiting, Pentagon says

Troops' social-media posts are "wildly popular because I think youth are looking for authenticity,” says deputy defense secretary.

DOD’s new AI and data strategy gives industry a challenge: share

Implementing the new strategy will require companies to work together in ways they never have before.

Senate confirms first woman to lead Navy, fills Joint Staff vacancies

However, hundreds of confirmations are still blocked by Sen. Tommy Tuberville.

The Pentagon may never get to the bottom of that famous UFO video

The DOD’s office is creating a way for former government employees to reach out with information about UFOs.

SecDef: Pulling Ukraine support would hand Putin a major win

Secretaries of state and defense urge Congress to pass $106B supplemental to support Israel and Ukraine—and send aid elsewhere as well.

As demand for arms booms, lack of modernization stymies weapons production

Some small firms at the heart of the defense industry see little benefit to automation and digitization.

Iran-backed forces firing at US troops in the Middle East

As the U.S. military sends more troops to the CENTCOM area, defense officials say there’s a “significant threat” of attacks on American service members.

Massive defueling of leaky Hawaiian storage facility begins

As 104 million gallons of fuel are hauled to four new locations, a yearslong remediation effort will begin at Red Hill.