The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine

If Putin is not deterred from seizing another chunk of sovereign territory, he won’t stop there.

Project Maven Shows Need for Better Acquisition Policies, DOD Watchdog Finds

The Air Force's AI project moved fast. One of its lessons is the need for better acquisition policies and documentation.

One Year After Jan. 6 Attack, Push For Quick Reaction Force Is Dead On Capitol Hill

Experts also warn changes at DOD won’t speed up how quickly Guardsmen could respond to future incidents.

Why Do US Hypersonic Missile Tests Keep Failing? They’re Going Too Fast

If it’s so important to deploy these new missile types, development schedules should be revised to promote success.

2021 Top Ten: COVID

Vaccines arrived, but so did vaccine refusal and new variants. And a two-year Army effort may produce the best vaccine yet.

2021 Top Ten: Policy

From domestic extremism to China's challenges to lingering Mideast operations, defense leaders had their hands full.

State Guards’ Vaccine Refusal Sets Up Fight with Feds

Six governors are rejecting the Pentagon’s order to inoculate their troops against COVID. Is a lawsuit next?

A To-Do List for the Pentagon’s New AI Chief

As three AI-related agencies prepare to merge, there is a chance for a fresh start—and a better approach to competing with China.

New National Defense Strategy to Be Released Early 2022

The Pentagon's NDS will follow the release of a new National Security Strategy from the White House, officials said.

Biden Rules Out Sending Troops to Ukraine, at Least for Now

NSA Sullivan says U.S. will limit its support for Kiev to weapons, pressure in the face of Moscow’s buildup.

With Defense Bill Set to Change Military Justice, One Senator Pushes for More

Gillibrand plans to call for an up-or-down vote on several proposals tossed from the 2022 NDAA.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 92: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Defense One's Tara Copp sat down with the SecDef as part of the Outlook 2022 event series.

Austin Rejects ‘Red Lines’ for Taiwan, Ukraine

As crises loom, defense secretary reveals a bit of his diplomacy-first thinking.

Diplomacy Is the Key to Reducing US Forces in the Mideast

The Pacific pivot need not reduce Middle East security—if the U.S. can get its partners on board.

Two Cheers for the Pentagon’s New Data and AI Initiative

If the reorganization can overcome bureaucratic hurdles, it could preserve U.S. data and AI leadership.