What Ukraine Needs: More Arms, Sanctions, and Money, Ambassador Says

The war-ravaged economy is providing the Kyiv government far less than the $5B per month it needs, Oksana Markarova said.

US Pledges More Weapons to Ukraine, But Milley Warns ‘The Numbers Clearly Favor The Russians’

More Javelins, Howitzers, long-range rockets are on the way, but will they arrive in time to make a difference?

Ukraine Will Survive and the US is Preparing to Arm it for Years, Says Pentagon’s Hicks

Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks discusses Russia, China, and inflation’s effects on the Pentagon’s buying power at the 7th Annual Defense One Tech Summit.

In Asia, Defense Ministers Issue New Warnings to China

“Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow,” Japan’s prime minister said at this year’s feistier-than-usual Shangri-La Dialogue.

As More Aviation Accidents Pile Up, Key Safety Recommendations Remain Undone

Pentagon officials say they’re still working on the December 2020 suggestions of a congressional commission.

More Reality Checks Could Help Keep DOD Programs on Time and Budget, GAO Says

The Pentagon has long espoused “knowledge-based acquisition,” but doesn’t insist on it.

After Deadly Aviation Crashes, Congress May Tighten Pentagon Focus on Why

2023 budget also seeks report on risks to anti-tank and anti-aircraft munition stockpiles after U.S. surge to Ukraine.

Lawmakers Plan to Save Some of the 24 Ships the US Navy Wants to Cut

House seapower panel has consensus on five ships; full Armed Services Committee will debate others June 22.

Tell Everyone How to Measure Cyber Risk, DOD Begs NIST

Gaps in an 8-year-old standard are creating potentially dangerous mismatches between departments and agencies.

More Military Education Should Be Like the ‘Strategic Thinkers Program’

PME schools should move beyond a minimal standard toward the demanding education students deserve.

How the Pentagon Plans to Manage Inflation in Contracts

Contracting officers are told to "be mindful" of rising costs but to "limit the scope" of adjustment clauses.

Military Families’ Hunger Often Worsened by Common Military Experiences, Reports Find

Research sheds light on the one in eight—or more—military families who experience food insecurity.

Despite Biden’s Latest, Pentagon Says Nothing Has Changed On US Defense of Taiwan

The president suggested that the U.S. is willing to get involved militarily—which could mean troops.

Pentagon May Give Sweden, Finland More Security Aid

Russia has issued vague threats over the countries' applications to join the alliance.

Biden Orders US Troops Back to Somalia, Reverses Trump Withdrawal

“This is a step that rationalizes what was essentially an irrational arrangement that we inherited,” a senior administration official said.

Four Lessons that Should Upend the Pentagon’s Five-Year Strategy

From the quick consumption of weapons in Ukraine to rising inflation, the current resourcing plan is untenable.