Exit Strategy

There will be no power-sharing, no reconciliation, no peace of the brave.

HASC Chair: White House Is Slow-Rolling Defense Budget Details

“Get us the numbers before May 10,” Rep. Adam Smith said Tuesday.

Afghanistan’s Situation Didn’t Change. American Politics Did

The Biden administration says it can fight terrorism in a way that its predecessors called impossible. Can it?

Biden’s $715B Defense Ask: Higher Than Expected, Lower than Trump’s Plan

“Skinny budget” announcement hints at cuts to troop levels and existing weapons.

Fewer Troops Are Declining the COVID Vaccine. We May Never Know Why

Defense leaders say education efforts and seeing peers get vaccinated are reducing the reluctance.

DOD Workers Want to Keep Teleworking, Despite Early Hiccups, Survey Finds

The DoD Inspector General surveyed more than 56,000 employees about telework during the pandemic.

War is Changing. So Should the Pentagon’s Budget

Beyond aircraft carriers, missiles, and riflemen, the next wars will be fought with data, digital platforms, and networks.

‘We Will Leave' Afghanistan Likely This Year, Biden Declares

But not by May 1. "It's not my intention to stay there for a long time, the question is how and under what circumstance,” the president said, at the White House.

The GOP’s Fake Controversy Over Colin Kahl Is Just the Beginning

Senate Armed Services Committee Republicans who call Biden’s Pentagon-policy pick too political are fooling nobody.

What the Navy’s War on Sleep Deprivation Teaches Us about Cultural Change

A campaign to make ship drivers rest has lessons for larger-scale culture shifts.

The U.S. and China Finally Get Real With Each Other

The exchange in Alaska may have seemed like a debacle, but it was actually a necessary step to a more stable relationship between the two countries.

Want an Agile Pentagon? Don’t Go Chasing ‘Waterfalls’

Four-year strategy reviews aren’t good enough. Biden’s Pentagon should take a page from software firms.

One Year into the Pandemic, DoD Data Remains Incomplete

Outstanding questions include: why are civilians dying at higher rates than troops?

How SecDef Austin Can Make the Most of His India Visit

The defense secretary should pave the way for more and deeper defense trade and technology cooperation.

Bum-Rushing Extremists From the Military Might Not Help

Interviews with a former neo-Nazi indicate that pre-discharge education and deradicalization might hinder extremist groups' recruiting efforts.