How to fix the military’s software SNAFU

Too many of its apps are built on code riddled with vulnerabilities—and distributed by the Pentagon itself.

Military could be directed to protect industry's satellites, Pentagon says

The Defense Department's first commercial space integration strategy says the military will take steps to “mitigate risks to commercial space actors.”

Top US Air Force official in Mideast outlines risks of Rafah invasion

AFCENT’s Grynkewich also says the future of warfare is playing out “in front of our very eyes.”

Pentagon will use commercial space assets in military operations, under new plan

The unclassified document aims “to be transparent” about what the military needs and how private companies fit in.

The Pentagon wants to help boost cybersecurity for small contractors

A new strategy outlines how the Defense Department plans to increase security and strengthen relationships across the industrial base.

Defense officials tease new commercial space strategies

The documents would detail how the Pentagon and Space Force want to use private space companies for military missions.

Cyber Force? Report argues for new armed service

The study, which involved interviews with active-duty and retired U.S. military officers, calls for an independent Cyber Force with 10,000 people.

How to keep China out of the Pentagon’s weapons

The U.S. military should take a page from the cybersecurity playbook.

Use 'hedge forces' to break the Pentagon's force-structure death spiral

The U.S. military must move away from exquisite general-purpose units and weapons.

Authoritarians are playing to win. America can’t if we don’t show up.

Two retired four-stars lay out the case for the National Security Emergency Package currently being considered in the House.

Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home

After a successful, if abbreviated, third test flight, SpaceX’s reusable mega-rocket might be ready before the U.S. military is.

Pentagon eyes stockpile replenishment, funds to spur tech industry in 2025 budget

The request comes as the White House wrestles with government-wide and supplemental funding requests.

Pentagon budget request aims to balance congressional limits, foreign needs, and innovation

“This should be the wake-up call that tells us we need to be buying different stuff,” one expert said.

Biden, Pentagon urge Congress to pass national security funding bill

Congressional inaction is “problematic,” the Defense Department comptroller said.