Army recruiting: better than last year, still short of goal, officials say

The service inducted around 9,000 more new soldiers this year than in 2022, commander says.

Marines to appoint a safety general

After deadly crashes, acting commandant bumps Corps’ Safety Division up to one-star status.

The Space Force needs a brand-new culture of its own

It doesn’t do organized violence—and shouldn’t pretend that it does.

Despite major reform to military justice system, Navy still leaves public in dark

The service is fighting a ProPublica lawsuit to make sexual-assault court proceedings public.

Women face misogyny, barriers to promotion in special operations forces, US Army study says

The “very small percentage” of respondents who espoused such views included officers and senior enlisted leaders.

How innovation cells in Army combat units are harnessing soldiers’ ideas

Four divisions are turning projects around in record time, from leashed drones to mold trackers.

Get mental health stigmas out of the clearance process

Old attitudes toward mental health treatment must no longer dissuade people from applying for cleared jobs or seeking help after receiving one.

What military sexual-assault victims think of the new way cases are prosecuted

President Biden signed an executive order last month that removes legal decision-making authority from commanders for most serious crimes.

To compete with China in STEM, Pentagon should invest in HBCUs

The DOD can't leave the potential of historically Black colleges and universities untapped.

​​Nearly 100 Navy officers affected by senator’s hold

The service will become the third without a Senate-confirmed leader when CNO Adm. Mike Gilday steps down Aug. 14.

China’s war planners are leaning harder on its militia

The PLA’s reserve auxiliary force dwarfs the regular military, but is understudied and too often overlooked.

Joint Chiefs to get taste of Marine modernization with new senior enlisted advisor

As the new senior advisor to the chairman, Sgt. Maj. Troy Black will bring four years’ experience with Force Design 2030.

Army now 2nd service without Senate-confirmed leader

At the “relinquishment of authority” ceremony, senior military leadership blasted Sen. Tuberville’s hold on nominations.

AI-powered health monitors may boost readiness, Army's next top enlisted leader says

Weimer highlighted a program at his old command that uses health data to help candidates going through the rigorous Army physical tests.

1/4 of DOD cyber jobs are vacant. Here's the plan to fill them

Civilian cyber workers are the main challenge, as it's harder for DOD to attract and keep them.