Marines See Early Successes in Retention Push—and Ways to Do Better

Meanwhile, the commandant wants to bring skilled people into the Corps at advanced ranks.

State of the Army 2023

The service is prepping for war in the Pacific—and hoping its recruiting problems won’t continue for a fourth consecutive year.

State of the Air Force and Space Force 2023

Training airmen to act more autonomously—and gearing up for more autonomous systems.

State of the Marine Corps 2023

Efforts to fulfill the vision of Force Design 2030 are hitting a groove. But who will replace its architect?

Delete TikTok by March 29, White House Tells Feds

The Office of Management and Budget responds to a congressional push to ban the popular Chinese social-networking app from government devices.

Cutting Pentagon Jobs Won't Stop the Real Waste, Union Says

Lawmakers should reject pressure to fund underperforming weapons and service contracts, AFGE officials said.

We Missed Social Media’s Dark Side. Let’s Be Smarter about the Metaverse

Think hard about the national-security implications of immersive virtual worlds.

Expect Pentagon's Cyber-Worker Strategy 'Any Day Now'

Plan aims to attract smart, effective people, in part by reducing education and certification requirements.

When Lippy Generals Challenge Civilian Control

Was Air Force Gen. Minihan’s memo dangerous or just dumb?

Stop Holding Recruits to One-Size-Fits-All Standards

Yesterday’s approach won’t solve today’s recruiting crisis—or win tomorrow’s wars.

NSA Woos Laid-Off Tech Workers

The intelligence agency is advertising "one of its largest hiring surges in 30 years" amid other new recruiting efforts.

House Republicans Vote to Turn Back Time on Telework

The SHOW UP Act would require federal agencies to revert to their pre-pandemic telework policies.

Want More Innovation? Get Out of Your Office and Talk to People

Advice from a former leader of the U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force.

Over-Classification Undermines Democracy, US Intelligence Director Says

The investigations into handling of sensitive documents by former presidents and vice presidents have brought problems with the classification system back into the spotlight. 

Military Must Recruit More Women, Immigrants for the Future Force, Experts Say

At symposium on building the all-volunteer force of 2040, panelists push back on criticism of diversity initiatives.

Army Special Operators Seek to Reduce Suicide with ‘Bottom-Led’ Approach

Units have been ordered to develop anti-suicide efforts based on the USASOC's new strategy.