Flowers for Joyce

She has all these tools to help. Why doesn't she feel helped?

More Military Education Should Be Like the ‘Strategic Thinkers Program’

PME schools should move beyond a minimal standard toward the demanding education students deserve.

Military Families’ Hunger Often Worsened by Common Military Experiences, Reports Find

Research sheds light on the one in eight—or more—military families who experience food insecurity.

Has Ukraine Broken the Russian Military?

With thousands of troops dead, Russia seems desperate for new soldiers—allowing enlistees as old as 50, U.S. defense official says.

Coast Guard Academy Graduates its First Cyber Majors

A "handful" of new cyber specialists will go to the service's Cyber Command headquarters for their initial assignment.

Army Suicide Numbers for 2022 ‘Significantly Lower,’ Army Secretary Says

A proposed $99 million gym in Alaska is at the top of the service chief's unfunded priorities list.

NCOs: America Has Them, China Wants Them, Russia is Struggling Without Them

Non-commissioned officers, long the “backbone” of the U.S. military, are proving even more crucial on modern battlefields.

Reversing Roe Would Harm Military Readiness, Abortion-Rights Advocates Warn

“If a woman is considering enlisting, I would highly encourage her to rethink that choice,” said one veteran.

Hiring for the Foreign Service Is Getting an Overhaul

The nearly 100-year-old test will play less of a role in picking candidates.

In About-Face, Army Expects to Shrink Next Year

Chief of Staff McConville says recruiters need to reach families whose children have not served.

Flat Army Budget Request Would Fund a Smaller Force

Active-duty force set to shrink amid tight labor market as service leaders propose a 1.7% 2023 budget.