A silent killer is stalking veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Cancer strikes GWOT vets at rates that recall Agent Orange. We’re not doing enough to support them.

Army prep course has graduated 15,000 potential soldiers amid recruiting slump

With less than 30 percent of young Americans eligible for military service, the course aims to boost potential recruits' physical and academic scores.

Feds to compete for cyber glory at fifth annual President's Cup

CISA officials say the annual cybersecurity game aims to highlight the cyber-talented and educate the rest.

One more hold: USAF colonel who urged conversations about racism

Missouri senator blocks promotion of author of “Dear white colonels” oped.

USAF cracks down on ‘need to know’ violations in wake of Discord leaks

Wing commander fired, 14 more disciplined after hundreds of documents were posted to a chat platform.

Looking for tech talent? Broaden your search, IC chief says

The nation’s 18 intelligence agencies should look beyond the nation’s capital if they want to get and keep the best cyber workers, said Adele Merritt.

Humans must be accountable for AI in war, Air Force secretary says

"You don't enforce laws against machines; you enforce them against people," Kendall told a Reagan Forum audience.

NSA woos talent with flexibility in workday, careers, director says

A spy agency that assumed employees would stick around for decades is getting comfortable with ones who come and go, Nakasone said in an interview.

Hundreds of promotions approved after Tuberville drops hold

Senate swiftly approves 425 officers’ advancement, but 11 four-star jobs remain in limbo.

Senate panel moves to evade Tuberville's block on military nominations

The Rules Committee approved a temporary change to allow votes on large groups of nominees, but its fate before the whole Senate remains unclear.

'Influencers in uniform' are boosting recruiting, Pentagon says

Troops' social-media posts are "wildly popular because I think youth are looking for authenticity,” says deputy defense secretary.

For foreign soldiers in Ukraine, US foundation provides lifeline to medical treatment

The Weatherman Foundation’s work underscores foreign governments’ reluctance to extend some forms of medical help.