13 Lessons from the Crozier Controversy

A retired Navy commodore dissects how the captain mishandled the COVID-19 outbreak aboard the carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

Trump Admin Lacks Solid Plan to Reopen Federal Offices, GAO Says

Republicans say feds should swiftly go back to work: "It’s time to take our chances," one argues.

The Pentagon's Research Chief and His Deputy Are Resigning

Michael Griffin, defense undersecretary for research and engineering, and his deputy announced their July 10 departure in an email to staff.

DHS Expands Insider-Threat Program to Cover Everyone Who Accesses Its Info

The Homeland Security Department will begin tracking all personnel—federal employees and contractors, with or without a security clearance—in the hunt for insider threats.

Ending Accompanied Tours to the Gulf Is a Message Delivered at a Cost

The Pentagon wants Iran — and U.S. allies — to pay close attention to its decision to keep troops' families out of the region.

Navy to Punish Fired Captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt

In a reversal, the service’s top officer says further investigation revealed lapses in Capt. Brett Crozier’s judgment and actions aboard his COVID-stricken ship.

NSA Has New Guidance for Teleworking Feds

Products, and the way the NSA regards them, are changing quickly

Milley Is Trump's Latest Reluctant Enabler

Maintaining the balance between serving the president and protecting the Constitution is impossible over time.

Why Soldiers Might Disobey the President’s Orders to Occupy US Cities

Because it might be their duty to do so. Two ethicists at Navy schools explain.

Stop Training Police Like They’re Joining the Military

If policing is to change, the spotlight must turn toward police academies, where new recruits are first inculcated into the folkways of their profession.

This is Not a Civil-Military Crisis

Recent statements by uniformed leaders are anodyne expressions about U.S. law. Those by retired four-stars are more problematic.

Service Chiefs Acknowledge Racism in the Ranks, Pledge Dialogue, Change

After days of civil unrest and several Esper missteps, each one of the service branch chiefs has begun to speak out.

America’s Generals Must Stand Up to Trump

Our military leaders are willing to take a bullet for this country. But are they prepared to take a pink slip?

It’s Time to Listen to the Doomsday Planners

Another pandemic, or a terrorist attack, could cripple an unprepared executive branch.

New Spy Chief Takes Reins Amid a Work Environment Reshaped by Coronavirus

Telework, staggered schedules, and new technology are some of the ways intelligence officials are keeping themselves and the information they gather safe.

Lawmakers Ask Trump to Extend National Guard Missions for One Crucial Day

Many pandemic-response missions are slated to end just before Guard troops become eligible for federal benefits.

It’s Only Going to Get Harder to Recruit and Retain Troops in a Post-Pandemic World

The Pentagon needs to accelerate its transition from industrial-age to information-age personnel policies.