Train Troops to Use Social Media More Effectively

It’s a tool, like any other. We may as well know how to use it.

Confirm Austin, But Retire Milley

We’ve seen the harm that comes when the Pentagon’s civilian and military chiefs are too closely aligned.

Why I Chose Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense

We need a leader who is tested, and matched to the challenges we face in this moment.

Army Disciplines 14 Soldiers, Creates New Duty Status After Murder

The steps follow the conclusion of one of several inquests into the April murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillen.

How Biden Can Help Warriors Save Warriors

Make a call, take a call, and be honest — it could help save a life.

Krebs Unloads About Trump’s Election-Fraud Claims

The former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency worries that his firing will hurt the recruitment of future leaders.

Mapping China’s Sprawling Efforts to Recruit Scientists

Beijing’s high-profile Thousand Talents Program is a tiny piece of a broad national strategy to build military and economic advantage.

Biden Has Many Good Choices at SecDef

I’m rooting for Flournoy, but she’s not the only one who would do well.

Tapping Flournoy as SecDef Would Be a Really Big Deal

A natsec black belt and outstanding leader, the former policy undersecretary would also be uniquely positioned to implement some long-overdue personnel changes.

US Army Wants Data Analytics to Spot ‘Emerging Tech Leaders’

The Army plans to issue a call later this month through its Small Business Innovation Research program.

Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking at Federal Agencies

More than 100,000 federal personnel have now tested positive for COVID-19, with some agencies experiencing acute upticks.

Rolling Back Trump's Workforce Policies Won't Be Simple

President-elect Biden has vowed to rescind on his first day a series of Trump-era directives aimed at weakening federal labor unions and politicizing the civil service, but repairing the damage could take much longer.

Trump’s Pettiness Is the Simplest Explanation

The post-election shake-up at the Pentagon has raised alarms in the national-security world, but Trump’s likeliest motive is plain old spite.

A Simple Veterans Day Proposal for the Incoming Administration

Send every political appointee to visit Arlington National Cemetery — with someone who served.