Meet the Man Trying to Change the Culture of Boeing Defense

CEO Ted Colbert says reducing groupthink is part of the path to a nimbler, networked weapons company.

Army Criminal Division Reviewing Thousands of Cases for Errors

At least 1,900 soldiers saw their careers slowed or ended by incorrect tagging in the service’s criminal database.

Aides Recall How Ash Carter Changed Pentagon’s Weapons Buying

Over decades, the physicist-turned-defense leader worked to speed up and streamline arms procurement.

After Six Years, It’s Time to Confirm a Defense Department Inspector General

IGs perform a critical role in holding powerful officials and government agencies accountable, and the Senate should confirm a Defense IG when it returns from recess.  

U.S. Military Will Pay for Troops to Travel for Abortions

Post-Roe abortion restrictions are hurting recruiting and retention, defense officials say.

The Army Can Predict When Some Leaders Are at Risk of Misconduct

And they’re using targeted counseling to intervene before those high-risk periods begin.

Civilians Will Choose the Marine Corps’ Future—and Soon

And they will do it by selecting the next commandant and other four- and three-star generals.

The Army Should Defend Soldiers Online, Too, Top Enlisted Soldier Says

‘I got your back’, says Sgt. Maj. Grinston, who subtweeted critics of women in the military on Twitter, seeming to contradict the Army secretary.

'A' for Effort, 'F' for Execution as a General Defends Women in Service

Our leaders have a duty to stand up for those in their charge. But how they say it is just as important as what they say.


Woke-ism Not to Blame for Army Shortfalls, Says Top Recruiting General

“That is not what I’m seeing,” says commanding general of U.S. Army Recruiting Command, as right-wing pundits target the military over anti-racism, anti-extremism, gender, and climate change policies.

AUSA Conference Wire: Recruiting Crisis

On Day 1 of the country's largest land-warfare show, service leaders talked about their efforts to find more young people to serve.

Judge Finds Sailor Not Guilty in Fire That Destroyed $1.2B Warship

Even though a separate Navy review found that 34 people, including five admirals, contributed to or directly led to the loss of the USS Bonhomme Richard, Ryan Mays is the only person to have faced a court-martial.

Democrats Introduce New Path To Protect Troops’ Abortion Access

An NDAA amendment that would give troops the time and money to cross state lines for an abortion has 23 Democratic co-sponsors.

The US Navy Accused Him of Arson. Its Own Investigation Showed Widespread Safety Failures.

After the USS Bonhomme Richard fire, investigators found missing fire hoses, a broken sprinkler system and other systemic failures. The Navy is still accusing a sailor of arson, against the advice of a military judge.