Research & Development

China’s nascent railgun is just the tip of its shipboard R&D

Meet the lab working to equip PLAN warships with vast amounts of electrical power.

China's Secretive Quest for Heavier Artillery

A now-deleted post reveals a research contract to test-fire 203mm shells, bigger than anything in the U.S. or Chinese arsenal.

Why the Navy & Air Force Can't Get Lasers Across the 'Valley of Death'

A new GAO report details missing links in efforts to move directed-energy weapons from the lab to the field.

Lawmakers Omit R&D Tax Break From 2023 Spending Bill

Company execs have credited the multibillion-dollar tax break with spurring innovation.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 111: Drones in Russia's Ukraine war, and elsewhere

We focus on the latest developments in unmanned aerial systems, from the front lines to a conference in Washington.

NATO Must Ensure Defense and Civilian Industries Work Together

A new innovation accelerator and multinational VC fund should be just the beginning.

DARPA's '3rd Wave' AI Aims to Compute Uncertainty Along with Accuracy

"Machine learning algorithms do not currently fit well into the modern statistical processing paradigm."

Another US Hypersonic Missile Hits Mach 5 in Test, Air Force Says

Three different U.S. weapons have now demonstrated successful hypersonic flight.

Raytheon Technologies Invests in Hypersonic Aircraft Startup Hermeus

It’s the first investment by the aerospace and defense giant’s new venture arm.

Navy, Microsoft Team Up for R&D—and the Rights to Sell What Emerges

The Seattle-based tech giant will get access to Naval Postgraduate School facilities and the chance to negotiate exclusive rights for technology it helps develop there.

Pentagon Previews New Tech Strategy, Updates Priorities List

The National Defense Science and Technology Strategy won't be out for a while, but Undersecretary Shyu's "Technology Vision for an Era of Competition" offers an early look.

Lockheed Loses $225M on Secret Project, Lowers F-35 Production Forecast

Company will press ahead on aeronautics project in hopes of turning it into a profitable production program.