Research & Development

Pentagon Test-Fires 2nd INF-Banned Missile

The Air Force ran Thursday's launch from a static pad, which followed the Navy's August test from a mobile launcher.

DARPA Wants Smart Suits to Protect Against Biological Attacks

A new program seeks gear that can guarantee troops' survival amid multiple chemical and biological agents.

Nanotechnology Is Shaping the Hypersonics Race

New materials to deflect massive amounts of surface heat don’t come from nature.

Russia’s National AI Center Is Taking Shape

A famed technical university is helping to lead the push for public-private AI development.

Ep. 55: Doomsday machines, nuclear hurricanes and Russian spies, with Vince Houghton

An interview with the author of 'Nuking the Moon: And Other Intelligence Schemes and Military Plots Left on the Drawing Board.'

Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles Are a Terrible Idea. Russia’s Test Explosion Shows Why

A flying unshielded nuclear reactor would spew massive amounts of radiation, and that’s if it’s working correctly.

The US Is Investing in AI for High-Powered Satellite Imagery Analysis

The Intelligence Community envisions a system combining archives with real-time surveillance footage from drones and other aircraft.

The Pentagon Is Killing a Key Independent-Research Program

For decades, JASON studies helped DOD and other agencies get outside perspectives on scientific and technical topics.

Lasers, AI, Hypersonics Top DARPA’s Small-Biz Wishlist

The defense research agency also announced plans for an accelerator to help move new tech from idea to product.

Security Clearance Delays Are Hurting the Pentagon's Tech Workforce

The Defense Department is also looking to build out its recruitment staff, officials told Congress.

Are America's Companies Ready to Fight Russia & China? New Study Aims to Find Out

Reagan Institute panel sets out to identify the ‘National Security Innovation Base’ from workforce skills to technologies, labs, companies and academia.

DARPA Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines

The Pentagon is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let humans control machines with their thoughts.

DARPA Is Trying Bioelectric Implants to Help Heal Wounds

One of the Pentagon’s new research programs could see biosensors, actuators and even artificial intelligence implanted in soldiers to speed up the body’s healing processes.

China’s Rapid AI Development Has Its Limits: Report

Chinese artificial-intelligence researchers are aware of ways their work lags the United States’ — and Beijing is working to fix those.

New DNA Database Allows Far Faster Searches for Pathogen Genomes

For the first time, it’s possible to easily answer a question as simple as: “Have we seen this thing before?”

DARPA Thinks Insect Brains Might Hold the Secret to Next-Gen AI

They’re small, efficient and capable of basic reasoning, and researchers want artificial intelligence tools to do the same.

Quantum Computing That Can Crack Modern Encryption More Than a Decade Away

A report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggests encryption-cracking quantum computers are possible, but won’t be built in the immediate future.