Space Force

Roper Makes His Pitch To Biden Team: ‘I Want to Be Part of the China fight’

The Air Force acquisition chief says he keeps politics out of his work at the Pentagon — and that the U.S. will lose against China without agility.

US Space Force Becomes 18th Member of US Intelligence Community

Growing threats to U.S. space assets require more intelligence collaboration, senior official says.


Trump Admin to Rename Two Bases for Space Force Over Military Objections

The Air Force had quietly agreed with Congress not to change anything until the NDAA settles a way forward on Confederate base names.


EXCLUSIVE: Details Revealed in Trump’s Lame-Duck Pentagon Budget Draft

Some of the numbers are “fabricated,” says one official. But they shed light on GOP lines of attack awaiting Biden.

Space Force Eyes Orbiting 3D Printers, Satellite Tow Trucks

Instead of lifting heavier satellites into space, new technologies might expand their abilities on orbit.