Space Force

Can Rockets Deliver Supplies to War Zones? Space Force, Air Force Aim to Find Out

A research lab will see whether reusable boosters can deliver up to a C-17s’ worth of cargo to terrestrial destinations.


Space Force Seeks $831.7M for Unfunded Priorities

Projects left out of 2022 budget would boost Cheyenne Mountain security, space-based cryptology.

Space Force’s First Battle Is With the US Army

The newest force is relying on Army and Navy transfers to grow. But giving up missions is not in the military’s DNA.

DOD Lifts Mask Mandate for Fully Vaccinated Personnel

Fully vaccinated DOD personnel are no longer required to wear a mask at Defense Department facilities.

Space Force Aims to Take on an Air Force Surveillance Mission

Ground Moving Target Indicator satellites would begin to replace decades-old aircraft as the newest service expands its mission set.

At House Hearing, Defense Appropriators Discuss Everything But the Budget

The Biden administration has yet to submit a 2022 budget request, limiting Congress’ ability to oversee defense spending.

Why We Need the Advanced Battle Management System

The character of war is changing; ABMS provides the tools for effective command and control into the future.

Pentagon Has No Plans to Shoot Down Free-falling Chinese Rocket

Secretary Austin is monitoring the large rocket’s decaying orbit, but spokesman says it’s “too early” to develop options to intercept.

Some US Military Bases Begin to Loosen Mask Rules

As some states drop COVID restrictions, commanders from coast to coast are attempting to walk a safe line.