Special Operations

AI Is Reshaping the US Approach to Gray-Zone Ops

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools aren’t just for big hot wars, but also for places where the battle lines aren’t clear.

There's No Easy Fix For Australia's Special Forces Culture

A blistering war crimes report is forcing us to take stock of what the Australian Defence Force asks of its soldiers.

As Spotlight Fades, What Next for Special Operators?

Under Trump, the Pentagon's ‘service secretary’ in charge of SOF has changed hands eight times between seven people.

Look at Great Power Competition Through a Special Operations Lens

Most of this competition is far short of combat, which makes the principles and expertise of SOF keenly relevant.

How AI Will Soon Change Special Operations

A new SOCOM office is pursuing tools to understand and influence populations, clear rooms with robots, and spot new forms of jamming.

Special Operations Command Made a Mind-Reading Kit For Elite Troops

The experimental tool is among several that aim to combine sensors and AI to give U.S. operators a new edge.

US Is Moving Too Slowly to Harness Drones and AI, Former SOCOM Commander Says

Tony Thomas says he wishes he’d spent less time growing his command and more time pushing it to embrace new technology.

Betraying The Kurds Makes Things Harder for US Operators Everywhere

It will henceforth be much more difficult for U.S. combat forces and advisors to get help from local partners around the world.

‘Silent Warriors’ Speak Out Against Trump’s Syria Turnaround

America’s elite special operators are breaking their wall of silence like never before, 'betrayed' by Trump’s decision to pull back in Syria and erase years of hard work. But are they too late?

The US Military Is Chopping Up Its Iron Man Suit For Parts

SOCOM’s much-anticipated super suit won’t be here for Christmas.

Russia’s Special Operators Are Getting Futuristic Mini-Subs

Originally designed for oil exploration, the six bathyspheres are to arrive by 2022.

Mind The Gender Capability Gap

It's a strategic blind spot for the Pentagon, but gender and warfare are inextricably intertwined. Let’s train our forces to face that.

Ep. 8: The Atlantic's Uri Friedman; Battle for Hodeida; New Special Ops gear, weapons and more.

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Special Operations Command Takes Aim At Enemies Hiding Files Inside Seized Electronics

Terror groups are using new techniques to reduce the intel value of seized laptops and cellphones.

Special Operations Forces Are Changing Combat Medicine With Jury-Rigged Hospitals and Freeze-Dried Blood

Fighting that takes place far from friendly hospitals is driving experimental techniques that may one day see wide adoption by the Pentagon.

No Joke: Top Special Ops Commander Says No Offense Intended, Lauds Press

‘I don’t condone that kind of violence’ Gen. Raymond 'Tony' Thomas said in an exclusive interview, one day after joking about pretending to shoot at the press.