State Department

With Cold War Language, Pompeo Defines Trump’s Plan for ‘Totalitarian’ China

In the fourth major China policy speech by administration leaders in the past month, Pompeo says the US can’t go back to the era of engagement.

Trump’s All-Stick, No-Carrot Approach Has Brought Two US Adversaries Together

The blooming China-Iran bilateral relationship serve as a warning to U.S. policymakers.

The United States Needs a New Foreign Policy

The global order is crumbling, domestic renewal is urgent, and America must reinvent its role in the world.

It’s Too Late for US-Russia-China Arms-Control Fantasies

As U.S. and Russian negotiators open two days of talks in Vienna, they should waste no more time talking about a tripartite agreement.

Trump To Sanction ICC Officials Investigating Alleged US War Crimes In Afghanistan

The court’s top prosecutor found that the U.S. military may have committed “torture.”

Americans Should Fight Propaganda, Like We Used To

Do we care what the rest of the world believes about us? We should.

If Given OK, US Could Conduct a Nuclear Test in a Matter of Months, Pentagon Official Says

This comes as senior national security officials are reportedly discussing whether to conduct a test.

Pompeo Announces Open Skies Withdrawal

As Trump scraps a third security accord, his arms-control negotiator says the U.S. and Russia will talk about a new one.

Pompeo Defends Firing Of State IG

Charges that the dismissal was retaliatory are “patently false,” he says.

The Pandemic’s Geopolitical Aftershocks Are Coming

Western capitals aren’t just worried about the risk of a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

Trump Is Attacking the Final Safeguard Against Executive Abuses

The president has defied Congress, and gummed up cases in court. Now he’s firing the inspectors general.

On Arms Control, Little Reason for Optimism

Officials in Moscow and Beijing will read Mr. Billingslea’s interview and see nothing to give them reason to negotiate.

Hong Kong Is Losing its Freedom

What should Washington do as the PRC increases pressure on Hong Kong — and Taiwan?

Pull US Troops, not Diplomats and Development Experts, from Afghanistan

America’s interests are no longer furthered by military might in the country, but we can still help in other ways.