State Department

Austin, Milley Say White House Was Advised to Keep US Troops in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan evacuation that resulted was “a logistical success but a strategic failure,” Milley said.

Are Directed-Energy Weapons Behind the Havana Syndrome?

As an aerospace engineer and former Vice Chair of the U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, I can attest to the effectiveness of such weapons.

A Rahm Emanuel is Exactly What Japan Wants, Asia Scholars Say

What matters in American politics is not what matters to Tokyo.

Congress’ Afghanistan Oversight Marred By Politics

Lawmakers overwhelmingly postured instead of asking America’s top diplomat real questions.

The Kabul Airlift in 5 Charts

The largest emergency airlift ever handled by the U.S. military started slowly and built to a torrent.

No US Military Dogs Were Left Behind in Afghanistan, DOD Says

Pentagon officials say the caged dogs in viral photos aren’t military working dogs, all of which were evacuated.

The Future of U.S.-Taliban Relations

Blinken says cooperation is possible, but only if Taliban acts appropriately.

US Helicopters Rescued 169 Americans Outside Airport; More Ops Could Follow

Biden “will mobilize every resource necessary” to save more, but U.S. has yet to test Taliban checkpoints. Meanwhile, fuel-strained air operations resume.

A Moment for Soul-Searching

The United States owes its Afghan allies careful scrutiny of its institutional and personal failures—without recrimination, but also without excuses.

US Planning to Evacuate Afghan Interpreters, Top US General Says

“There are plans being developed very, very rapidly here,” said Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley.

Nobody Wants Rules in Space

As space becomes more crowded, there’s little hope for new international rules to make it safer.

Beijing’s Warning Shot to Biden

U.S. policymakers must begin treating sanctions by other countries as a serious national security threat.

Iran Will Still be a Slog

We can expect Tehran to use three tactics to seek advantage in negotiations.

Gaslighting Can’t Obscure Trump’s Iran Failures

The Biden administration must make a firm break from Trump’s approach and restore the status quo ante.

Exclusive: Longtime US Diplomat Weighs America’s Legacy in Syria

The immediate damage of the Turkish invasion has been repaired, Bill Roebuck says, but warns ISIS could reemerge without more U.S. assistance.

Biden Team Highlights Cybersecurity With First Cabinet Picks

Familiar faces will likely have to revisit efforts around information-sharing and establishing global norms.