Biden’s Interim National Security Guidance Is a Good, If Small, First Step

Next come the big questions: what is America’s current status, and where do we want to go?

Building a China Strategy Starts by Answering These Questions

To begin, we must question our perceptions and eliminate our biases.

‘Great Power Competition’ Is a Dangerously Simple Frame

To correctly set force posture, the Pentagon needs to look more deeply at the world’s actors, their preferences, and relationships.

White House Prepping Multi-Part Executive Order on SolarWinds Hack

The official leading the effort said changes are necessary to improve information sharing within the federal government.

How to Reconnect the Pentagon’s Strategy to its Budget

Biden will have little time and likely less money to enact his policies. He needs to tie strategy more closely to funding.

How to Cut the US Presence in the Middle East

Asking the military to pursue the same goals with fewer resources will not work.

Everybody Spies in Cyberspace. The US Must Plan Accordingly.

Because all countries engage in espionage, intrusions like Russia’s latest data hack are devilishly hard to deter.

The SolarWinds Hack Doesn’t Demand a Violent Response

Major retaliation is more likely to spur escalation than improve deterrence.

Will COVID Finally Force Us to Think Differently About National Security?

The “softer” approaches of irregular war offer outsized benefits during competition and armed conflict alike.

Great Power Competition Is Too Narrow a Frame

The United States cannot hope to prevail and prosper unless it broadens its conception of the global struggle.

The Pandemic Is Revealing a New Form of National Power

In the COVID-19 era, a country’s strength is determined not only by its military and economy, but also by its resilience.

What Would a Climate-Focused DoD Budget Look Like?

It’d be less about what we spend and more about how we spend the money we already have.

Time to Rethink Arms Sales to Taiwan

Once, they might have tilted the military balance. Now they just destabilize the region.

How ‘America First’ Became America Alone

In his desperation to restore and showcase American strength, Donald Trump has made the country weaker.

The West Is Surprisingly Well-Equipped for Gray-Zone Deterrence

Authoritarian officials and oligarchs interact with Western nations in ways that give democratic governments leverage.

The World Order That Donald Trump Revealed

When it comes to foreign policy, the president’s most important characteristic is not amorality or a lack of curiosity; it is naïveté.

The Coming F-35 Fiasco

Now that Qatar is asking for the jet, it’s time to consider an entirely different approach to helping Gulf nations defend themselves.