Want More Pentagon Innovation? Try This Experiment

A former Defense Secretary and Air Force Secretary propose more budgetary flexibility and a new approach to program management.

Special Operations Seeks 20% R&D Budget Bump

Collaborative autonomy and better contested communications top the wish list, while supply-chain risk becomes a top concern.

US Space Command Wants Red Phones With China, Russia

Global norms and mil-to-mil hotlines are urgently needed as the prospects for war in space rise.

3 Years or Less: Space Force’s 'Simple Formula' for Quicker Launches

“Our competitors seem to have figured out speed. It’s time we do the same,” said the assistant Air Force secretary for space acquisitions and integration.

Inside The Neverending Race To Update The Pentagon’s IT

The Joint Service Provider, charged with handling the defense secretary’s IT, is laser-focused on improving security and making sure infrastructure doesn’t obstruct the mission.

When Training Simulation Is Better Than Reality

It all comes down to risks, access, and how tailored the virtual environment can be.

Navy Wants Simulators That Measure Learning, Not Just Reps

The service’s LVC leader says more sophisticated data-capture methods are on the way.

Failed Hypersonic Test Dims Air Force View of Lockheed Missile

The service had previously disclosed that an ARRW test happened in March, but markedly avoided saying whether it was a success.

How Self-Flying F-16s Will Enable Future Fighter Drones

The Air Force’s Venom project aims to use test data to train an AI engine that can be widely used.

China ‘Colonizes’ Space with Its First Rice Harvest

The cultivation of food in orbit is part of a larger push by the Chinese space program toward a lunar base.

The Marines Are Launching a Software Factory

We talked with Lt. Col. Charlie Bahk about plans to start up at the Army’s facility in Austin, Texas.

Space Force to Spend $340 Million on New Training Infrastructure

The service’s budget proposal also includes $99 million in the next year for updated space launch ranges, and $1 billion more across the next five years.

Air Force Won’t Buy Hypersonic Missiles in 2024, Official Says

The service will spend the next year continuing to develop and test two candidate weapons, a budget leader said.