White House

Biden puts limits on asylum requests at the US-Mexico border

No more than 2,500 incoming people will be able to apply for asylum per day under the new executive order.

Biden threatens veto as GOP outlines proposed FY25 cuts

House Republicans propose cutting $700m from military construction, 12% of State and USAID funding, and more.

US plan may boost NATO arms production for Ukraine

Money would also go toward Ukrainian defense industry and undercutting Russian arms sales.

A militarized immigrant roundup won't work the way Trump says

Among the reasons: the Eisenhower administration paired its roundup with a massive guest-worker program that gave Mexican workers legal status.

US will ‘continue to provide' ATACMS to Ukraine, national security advisor says

Months of work to build up stocks means the U.S. can give Ukraine more of the sought-after long-range weapon.

Controversial surveillance program gets 2-year extension

Biden signed a law that extends Section 702 authorities into 2026—and lacks proposed limits on intelligence agencies' right to gather and search Americans' communications.

Deal will allow military spouses to telework from overseas

An agreement between the departments of Defense and State aims to ease unemployment among the spouses of servicemembers—and increase military families' quality of life.