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Is ISIS Using Chemical Weapons?

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Elon Musk Says Robots Could Be More Dangerous Than Nukes

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With Talks Extended, U.S. Poised to 'Put a Lid' on Iran's Nuclear Program

Iran’s nuclear program has been boxed in. Now the West has a few more months to put a lid on it. By Joe Cirincione

'Compromise' May Return Chemical Weapons Facilities Back to Assad

Officials in Washington are nervous over a proposal to return some of Syria's underground chemical weapons facilities back to the Assad regime. By Diane Barnes

U.N. Says Syria Found More Chemical Weapons

International authorities confirmed sarin had been found in 'abandoned' containers the Assad regime says were located in rebel-held territory. By Global Security Newswire

U.S., China Begin Strategic Talks on North Korea Nukes

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Beijing Wednesday for yearly bilateral talks on North Korean nuclear threats. By Global Security Newswire

Iran Talks Come Up Empty as Deadline Nears

After 5 days, negotiators have not swayed Iran over uranium enrichment levels as the July 20 deadline approaches. By Global Security Newswire

Is This the Nuclear Facility Pyongyang Has Been Waiting For?

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Russia Says It Will Have Radar-Evading Nukes by 2021

A nearly $18 billion upgrade will allow Russia's new nuclear arsenal to evade some missile defenses, official claims. By Global Security Newswire

Medical Schools Need More Terrorism Response Training

Despite a warning from experts more than 10 years ago, the nation's medical schools still have a way to go toward preparing their students for chemical weapon attacks. By Diane Barnes

The Last of Assad's Known Chemical Weapons Are Now Out of Syria

After multiple missed deadlines, some 1,300 tons of declared chemical weapons have finally been removed from the deeply troubled nation, but questions remain about whether that was really all of it. By Diane Barnes

A Victory in the Battle Against Mass Destruction

There are still plenty of things to be worried about, but one thing is clear: securing and destroying Syria's known chemical weapons stockpile was a major victory. By Joseph Cirincione and Geoffrey Wilson.