Don’t ‘Sustain' the Endless Counterterrorism War in Yemen. End It.

The Biden administration needs to be clearer about its strategy for countering terror groups.

Blame Houthis, Not Saudis, for Lingering Yemen War, White House Says

“It takes two to get to a ceasefire and end the war and right now the onus is on the Houthis,” Brett McGurk said.

My Children Live in Fear of US Drones

It is time to end America’s use of airstrikes that too often kill the innocent.

Why France Is Getting No Sympathy for Its Lost Sub Deal

Its European neighbors have long bristled at Paris’ self-dealing and aggressive sales tactics.

Designating the Houthis as Terrorists Would be a Mistake

A proposed White House move would hinder peace talks and humanitarian efforts in Yemen.

The NDAA Should Prompt a Rethinking of Costly U.S. Foreign Policy

The annual defense authorization bill offers a chance to end wars and programs that are not worth their price.

Lessons from Yemen’s Missile War

After five years, hundreds of long- and short-range missiles fired, and more than 160 missile-defense intercepts, it’s time to take stock.

Democrats Should Debate Arms Policy, Not Just Impeachment

With Congress and the president at odds over Saudi exports and other questions, it’s time to press the candidates about their views.

Yemen Cannot Afford to Wait

The scars in the country run deep—and the U.S. shares responsibility.

I Ran the Air War Over Gaddafi. Here's Why The US Should Stop Backing the Yemen War

One hopes Jared Kushner said it in Saudi Arabia, but Congress should curtail the Pentagon’s participation in this war.

Senate Votes to Curtail Yemen Involvement in Rebuke of Trump

The 56-41 vote is largely symbolic — for now — but it shows that congressional outrage with Riyadh is unlikely to cool.

Who Is Paying for the War in Yemen?

The Pentagon says that “errors in accounting” mean Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have not been properly charged for refueling.

The Senate is Poised to Pass the Yemen Resolution. Now What?

The House is almost certain not to take up the measure while Republicans are still in control. But what about next year?

The Senate Takes a Step to Void America’s Blank Check to the Saudis

Washington can continue to work with Riyadh, but it need never again accept flagrant violations of human rights, international norms, or U.S. national interests.

Senate Rebukes Trump in Historic Vote to Curtail Support for Saudi Campaign in Yemen

Lawmakers have tried for years to end U.S. involvement in Yemen. They just passed a big procedural hurdle, thanks to an empty chair at a Senate briefing.

Mattis Sets 30-Day Deadline for Yemen Ceasefire

“We’ve admired this problem for long enough down there,” the defense secretary said.

'Extraordinarily Important': Top US General Defends Saudi Relationship, Yemen War

‘I think it is better if we are engaged,” CENTCOM commander Gen. Joseph Votel says in an interview.