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Brandon Valeriano

Senior fellow, Cato Institute

Brandon Valeriano is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the Bren Chair of Military Innovation at the Marine Corps University.

OCO Must Go

Lawmakers should rally behind House appropriators' effort to eliminate a funding vehicle that allows the Pentagon to evade budget caps.


The Senate’s Defense Authorization Bill Ignores Our New Reality

The annual policy bill takes almost no notice of a pandemic that has already wrought more destruction than most of our country’s wars.


Stop Saying We're Dropping 'Cyber Bombs' On ISIS

It is better to see cyber operations for what they are: changing spreadsheets, intercepting email, jamming comms, and a lot of deception.


The Rise of Cyber Repression

When even the New York Times is open to tinkering with the First Amendment, it’s time to look at the way groups and governments are shaping our online society.


How To Avoid All-Out War in Cyberspace

While some fear the Internet will be a primary battlefield for future societies, this alarmism is a bit premature.


Espionage Lessons from the OPM Hack

It's been nearly a month since the mammoth breach. Here's a few lessons the government can immediately pick up about espionage in 2015.