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Col. Clint Hinote

Col. Clint Hinoteis a Military Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Colonel Clint Hinote, U.S. Air Force, is a Military Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He holds a PhD in military strategy, and he recently returned from Korea where he commanded a U.S. air base. The conclusions and opinions expressed are his own and do not reflect the official position of the U.S. government.

Everything You Need To Know About No-Fly Zones

Lesson one: there’s nothing easy about setting up or enforcing aerial off-limits areas.

Science & Tech

The Russian Weapon That Could Tip The Balance in the Middle East

Moscow’s recent decision to ship the very mobile and lethal S-300 missile system to Iran is a big deal for these three reasons.


The US Missile System Driving a Wedge Between China, South Korea

The tentative decision to install a new missile interceptor system in South Korea could force Seoul to pick between its Washington ally and its Beijing neighbor.


How To Determine the Success of Air Strikes in Syria

Targeting these 5 categories of an enemy's system can determine the success or failure of an air strike campaign like the US-led one in Syria today. By Col. Clint Hinote


The Islamic State May Have Hit the Point of Diminishing Returns

As Iraqi security forces regain their footing, the Islamic State's use of terror is not enough to relieve the pressure they face on the battlefield. By Col. Clint Hinote