Army takes on a naval tinge as it adapts to the Pacific

Undersecretary cites several aspects of the service’s efforts to develop “linchpin” capabilities for the joint force.


Massive defueling of leaky Hawaiian storage facility begins

As 104 million gallons of fuel are hauled to four new locations, a yearslong remediation effort will begin at Red Hill.


Pentagon: US aid to Israel and Ukraine depends on Congressional action

Senior defense official says Hamas’s brutal attacks show the need to be ready to respond immediately.

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Maui relief efforts continue, with plans to begin debris removal in November

Nearly 700 defense personnel are helping in the wake of the deadly August wildfires.


Navy divers begin search and underwater survey in Maui

The Defense Department now has 572 people supporting relief efforts after devastating fires.


What military sexual-assault victims think of the new way cases are prosecuted

President Biden signed an executive order last month that removes legal decision-making authority from commanders for most serious crimes.