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J.M. Berger

J.M. Berger
J.M. BERGER is editor of and author of Jihad Joe: Americans Who Go to War in the Name of Islam.

The Strategy of Violent White Supremacy Is Evolving

The failed approach of “leaderless resistance” gets a second chance in the information age.


The Dangerous Spread of Extremist Manifestos

Allegations against a Coast Guard lieutenant are a reminder that, by sharing the writings of terrorists, media outlets can amplify their impact.


The Difference Between a Killer and a Terrorist

Two mass murders reveal how difficult—and important—it is to correctly identify terrorism when it occurs.


America Isn't Losing the War of Ideas to ISIS

In every era, the same alarms bells have sounded. The rise of the Internet, however, could make this one different.


Why Are Foreign Fighters Joining ISIS?

Foreign fighters participate in some of ISIS' 'worst acts,' but there isn't one clear explanation on why they join the battle in the first place.

Science & Tech

How ISIS Games Twitter

The militant group that conquered northern Iraq is deploying a sophisticated social-media strategy. By J.M. Berger