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Leo Mirani

Leo Mirani is a reporter for Quartz in London. He has previously worked at The Economist, Time Out Mumbai and Tehelka.

Afghanistan’s Rising Export Is Not Opium – It’s Telecoms

Roshan Telecom is Afghanistan’s newest growing export, giving hope that the war-torn nation can move beyond opium and rebuild its economy. By Leo Mirani

Science & Tech

How to Buy Cyber Weapons From Cyber Arms Dealers

An American security firm found that a seemingly disparate group of cyberattacks came from the same source. By Leo Mirani

Science & Tech

Pakistan's Solution to Terrorism: Ban Skype

A southern province in Pakistan is banning voice-messaging services for three months 'because terrorists are using them.' By Leo Mirani

Science & Tech

Why Britain's New Cyberwar Capabilities May Just Be Political Posturing

It'll be a while before London builds an army of hackers. For now, its just another proposal from Whitehall. By Leo Mirani


Wanted: A New Privacy Officer at the NSA

Candidates for the new NSA position must be highly regarded in the privacy and civil liberties community and would be paid $173,000 a year. By Leo Mirani