The NSA building, at Fort Meade, Md.

The NSA building, at Fort Meade, Md. Patrick Semansky/AP

Wanted: A New Privacy Officer at the NSA

Candidates for the new NSA position must be highly regarded in the privacy and civil liberties community and would be paid $173,000 a year. By Leo Mirani

Do you have a passion for civil liberties and protecting the privacy of ordinary citizens? Are you “well known and highly regarded by U.S. privacy and civil liberties protection professionals?” Can you be both righteous and morally flexible? Then the National Security Agency has just the job for you. The signal intelligence agency best known for logging every phone call in America, reading the world’s emails, and weakening essential cryptographic standards is looking for a Civil Liberties & Privacy Officer.

The job is a “completely new role… focused on the future, designed to directly enhance decision making and to ensure that CL/P [civil liberties and privacy] protections continue to be baked into NSA’s future operations, technologies, tradecraft, and policies.”

Here are the qualifications required to be considered, along with what they actually mean.

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