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Mike Rogers

Former House Intelligence Chairman

Mike Rogers represented the 8th District of Michigan in Congress. He served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He is a Senior Fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center, where he is leading a program on 5G, national security, and intelligence policy.

Block the Pentagon’s 5G Power Play

Defense leaders’ attempt to become the gatekeeper for prime frequencies is understandable, but it’s the wrong choice for America.


Cut the Red Tape Slowing the Pentagon's Race to Space

If the Air Force is to harness cheap satellites and reusable rockets, it must transform a risk-averse bureaucracy built for a different era.


Fix the Inadequate Systems that Protect .gov Networks

DHS manages the National Cybersecurity Protection System in a piecemeal fashion using outdated and outmoded technology.


Let the US Air Force Mature into the Space Force

Well-intentioned Congressional efforts to address problems risk trampling on existing solutions.