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Paulina Glass

Paulina Glass is an editorial fellow at Defense One.
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UK Stands Fast, Won’t Ban Huawei 5G Gear Despite US Warnings

The Vice Chief of Defence Staff says a “sophisticated” approach can capture the benefits while reducing the risks of using Chinese next-gen telecoms gear.

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Here’s the Key Innovation in DARPA AI Project: Ethics From the Start

A new effort to build patrol drones for urban fights began by forming an ethics advisory board.

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Russia’s Pistol-Packing Robot Is Scrambling for Parts

The program’s foreign suppliers stopped shipping components after gunfire videos went viral.


What to Watch as Trump-Kim II Gets Underway

Let's review how we got here — and why some observers say the stakes are even higher this time around.

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China’s Rapid AI Development Has Its Limits: Report

Chinese artificial-intelligence researchers are aware of ways their work lags the United States’ — and Beijing is working to fix those.


Lawmakers Tell Pentagon: Revise and Resubmit Your Climate-Change Report

The most recent one didn’t even meet the legal requirements contained in the 2018 defense authorization act.

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Russia’s Special Operators Are Getting Futuristic Mini-Subs

Originally designed for oil exploration, the six bathyspheres are to arrive by 2022.

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Russia’s New Arctic Drones Are Built to Spot Ships

Its maker says the two aircraft can ID vessels approaching oil and gas facilities from 100 kilometers away.


Does a New US Goal for Syrian Training Portend a Longer Mission?

The military’s top general raised expectations for the Syrian Democratic Forces — and lowered them for a quick exit for U.S. troops.


Supersonic Bizjets May Attract Pentagon Interest

Three teams are pursuing latter-day SSTs. The U.S. military might have use for them.

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China Shows Off Self-Steering Boat that Fires Missiles

But the U.S. still appears to have the edge in sophisticated seagoing drones.


NASA Chief Lifts Sanctions on Russian Space Boss, Russia Says

Russian state media says the Trump administration will temporarily ease Crimea-related sanctions to allow a visit to Houston. NASA officials can’t — or won’t — say if that’s true.


Congress’s Quantum Science Bill May Not Keep the US Military Ahead of China

China aims to “leapfrog” US military in 10 years with unhackable computers and stealth-defeating radar.


Russia Is Slowly Declining As a Space Superpower

The first country to launch a satellite is losing its space advantage to leakers, competitors like SpaceX, and most importantly to China.

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Cargo Bases in Space: Air Force General Wants Them Within a Decade

The service’s mobility chief is already talking with SpaceX and other companies about the possibilities of orbiting supply dumps.


Mattis: No Pentagon Policy Changes Since Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit

The defense secretary also said that his department’s policies on Iran remain the same despite tougher Trump administration rhetoric.